Frisco ISD Students Remember the Holocaust

Jan 29, 2020

Nelson MS Butterflies on the Windows.Frisco ISD joins school districts around the state that are taking time this week to remember the Holocaust.

In the summer of 2019, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1828 into law. SB 1828 created Holocaust Remembrance Week, which requires schools to educate students about the Holocaust and inspire a sense of responsibility to uphold human value and prevent future atrocities.

At the Holocaust and Genocide Commission’s suggestion, the Governor’s Office aligned Holocaust Remembrance week with January 27, which is International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the date Auschwitz was liberated by Allied troops.

This week, students across Frisco ISD are participating in age-appropriate instruction to remember the Holocaust.

Nelson Middle School staff hope to inspire students to be kinder and more accepting by learning more about the Holocaust. 

Ashley Luhrs is an eighth grade Integrated Language Arts teacher who helped plan the Nelson Holocaust Remembrance Week.

“By connecting our Holocaust Remembrance activities with the important lessons of tolerance and acceptance of diversity, students are able to understand the impact one person can have,” Luhrs said.

During advisory, Nelson staff guided students through a lesson to help them understand the importance of taking a stand while being more tolerant and accepting of the differences of others. 

Inspired by the Holocaust Museum of Houston’s Butterfly Project, students made butterflies as a symbol of hope and to serve as a reminder of the importance of tolerance and acceptance.

“At Nelson, students created butterflies that were hung on the windows in the main hallway as a reminder of the importance of seeking to understand the value in differences, as well as the importance of empathy and speaking up for those in need,” Luhrs said.

As the students walk through the Nelson hallways, the butterflies are a reminder to students that diversity unites everyone and that everyone must work to accept others who are different. 

Across Frisco ISD, students are learning what they can do to make the world a better place by learning lessons from the past.

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