More than 325 High School Students Make All-Region Bands

Jan 10, 2020

All 10 Frisco ISD high schools will be represented in the Region 24 All-Region bands after an outstanding showing at All-Region auditions in December.

Students from Frisco, Little Elm, Plano and Prosper ISDs competed for placement into one of the region honor groups. The students who placed at the top of each instrument group advanced to the Area round. They will audition for placement into the Texas All-State Band later this month.

Congratulations to all of the students who put in the hours of time and energy preparing for the auditions including those below that made a band. Students who are advancing to area are designated with an asterisk.

Centennial High School

Ayesha Abdullah, Horn - Symphonic Band
Gauri Agrawal, Bass Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Hannah Ames, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Marcello Amine, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Armaan Baal, Bari Sax - Symphonic Band
Riley Bagwell, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Elijah Bayless, Horn - Symphonic Band
Noah Bentancourt, Tuba - Concert Band
Lauren Brackeen, Horn - Symphonic Band
Nicols Burnett, Percussion - Wind Ensemble
Jakob Carlson, Bari Sax - Symphonic Band
Jack Crawford, Alto Sax - Symphonic Band
Joseph Cui, Bassoon - Wind Ensemble*
John DeLa Cruz, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Cooper Ellington, Euphonium - Concert Band
Julianna Frohardt, Bass Trombone - Concert Band
Tyla Furlow, Euphonium - Freshman Band
Vedant Gate, Clarinet - Concert Band
Carson Gentry, Tuba - Concert Band
Joel Gidla, Horn - Symphonic Band
Adriana Gonzalez, Oboe - Concert Band
Sujit Gurrapu,Tuba - Wind Ensemble*
Logan Hamilton, Oboe - Concert Band
Zarin Hasan, Flute - Symphonic Band
Josh Jung, Oboe - Wind Ensemble*
Lisa Kan, Flute - Wind Ensemble-advancing to area
Tyler Keeton, Trumpet - Freshman Band
Anna King, Clarinet - Concert Band
Benson Lin, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Omkar Magi, Clarinet - Concert Band
Colin McBride, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Ryan McGhee, Trombone - Symphonic Band
Anthony Menchaca, Alto Sax - Concert Band
Eric Mun, English Horn - Concert Band
Derek Natali, Euphonium - Wind Ensemble*
Josh Ni, Trombone - Wind Ensemble*
Paul Park, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Maria Pelayo, Percussion - Concert Band
Josh Roy, Alto Sax - Concert Band
John Robert Russell, Euphonium - Freshman Band
Chase Salembier, Tenor Sax - Symphonic Band
Shreyas Saride, Flute - Wind Ensemble
Connary Shi, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Priyanka Submaranian, Bass Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Justin Thompson, Trombone - Concert Band
Vishal Thyagarajan, Clarinet - Concert Band
Veda Udtha, Flute - Freshman Band
Iris Vargas, Flute - Concert Band
Madeleine White, Euphonium - Concert Band
Prazul Wokhlu, Alto Sax - Symphonic Band
Rahul Yadav, Bass Clarinet - Symphonic Band

Frisco High School

Jaren Bosman, Trumpet - Concert Band
Eliot Cortes, Percussion - Wind Ensemble
Carson Evans, Horn - Symphonic Band
Laksh Gulati, Horn - Freshmen Band
Adam Holmedal, Trumpet - Concert Band
Rohan Jagannathan, Trumpet - Concert Band
Maadhav Kothuri, Trumpet - Wind Ensemble*
Bhavana Masapalli, Flute - Concert Band
Drew Pistorius, Trumpet - Freshmen Band
Monica Pliego, Clarinet - Freshmen Band
Dylan Shane, Percussion - Wind Ensemble*
Carmella Whitfield, Horn - Concert Band

Heritage High School

Maunika Achanta, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Brandon Andrzejewski, Trumpet - Freshmen Band
Rohita Arjarapu, Flute - Symphonic Band
Brandon Batac, Percussion - Wind Ensemble
Josh Berrios, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Axel Bevensee, Tenor Trombone - Wind Ensemble*
Omar Briones, Flute - Freshmen Band
Andrea Dominguez, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble
Tyler Dubak, Bassoon - Wind Ensemble*
Josh Flores, Alto Sax - Concert Band
Marco Garcia, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
TJ Gorman, Euphonium - Symphonic Band
Danna Gonzalez, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Neil Gupta, Clarinet - Concert Band
Kantha Kathiravan, Tenor Trombone - Concert Band
Lily Kern, Horn - Wind Ensemble*
Michael Lewis, Tuba - Symphonic Band
James Li, Bari Sax - Wind Ensemble*
Harshitha Mageshkumar, Clarinet - Concert Band
Joshua Martinez, Bassoon - Symphonic Band
Jordan Navarro, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble
Colby Ruane, Bass Trombone - Wind Ensemble*
Gaurav Sarangi, Bari Sax - Freshmen Band
Shivansh Sharma, Bass Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Evan Sherman, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Madison Smith, Horn - Concert Band
Varun Vuppaladadiyam, English Horn - Symphonic Band
Sergei Wong, Clarinet - Concert Band
Jerry Zhao, Tenor Sax - Symphonic Band

Independence High School

Aaron Cheung, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Mia Cotton, Flute - Wind Ensemble*
Meghana Dwarakinath, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Amelia Friedman, Flute - Freshmen Band
Medha Gollapudhi, Flute - Wind Ensemble
Andrew Hildinger, Trombone - Freshmen Band
Abiel Isaac, Percussion - Wind Ensemble
Pranav Kalaiselvan, Tenor Sax - Concert
Sarah Kemppainen, Bass Clarinet - Wind Ensemble
Priscilla La, Flute - Wind Ensemble
Jacob Leach, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Angelina Leng, Clarinet - Freshmen Band
Jaden Lino, Bari Sax - Wind Ensemble*
Samuel Mahusay, Tuba - Wind Ensemble
Apurva Mamidenna, Tenor Trombone - Symphonic Band
Aidan McKinnis, Trumpet - Concert Band
Sam McNamara, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Grayson Pavle, Tenor Trombone - Symphonic Band
Nicholas Richa, Trombone - Freshmen Band
Aidan Rogers, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Arihant Sreenivasa, French Horn - Concert Band
Ankita Sumeet, Clarinet - Concert Band
Diego Teran, Trumpet - Wind Ensemble
Aditya Udyavar, Flute - Concert Band
Grace Wang, Flute - Symphonic Band

Lebanon Trail High School

Alexandra Aguirre, Oboe - Symphonic Band
Gene Adam Anareta, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Aarti Aravapalli, French Horn - Concert Band
Katy Baker, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Ethan Beltran, French Horn - Wind Ensemble*
Arianna Bohara, French Horn - Wind Ensemble*
Tara Bowe, Piccolo - Symphonic Band
Kyle Bowser, French Horn - Symphonic Band
Taylor Boydston, Flute - Concert Band
Luke Brady, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Bradley Buss, Tenor Saxophone - Concert Band
Ethan Chan, Tuba - Wind Ensemble*
Andrew Chen, Alto Saxophone - Freshman Band
Camden Colquhoun, Oboe - Symphonic Band
Josh Crossman, Euphonium - Wind Ensemble*
Valeria Davila, Tuba - Concert Band
Mary Debes, French Horn - Wind Ensemble
Hannah Dryden, French Horn - Wind Ensemble
Jamiah Dyer, Euphonium - Symphonic Band
Emma Forester, French Horn - Concert Band
Annika Gupta, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Naisha Gupta, Bari Saxophone - Concert Band
Shivam Gupta, Alto Saxophone - Concert Band
Varsha Guupta, Tenor Trombone - Freshman Band
Emma Hicks, Euphonium - Symphonic Band
Garrett Hilburn, Alto Saxophone - Wind Ensemble*
Madhu Joshi, Flute - Concert Band
Rijul Kakar, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Samuel Knox, Trumpet - Concert Band
Mason Kuehne, Trumpet - Wind Ensemble*
Shreeka Kumar, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Chloe Lee, Bass Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Jordan Lee, Tuba - Wind Ensemble*
Sophy Li, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Joey Lopez, Tenor Trombone - Concert Band
Ethan Mathews,Clarinet - Concert Band
Megan Mba, Clarinet - Concert Band
Lauren McCord, Euphonium - Concert Band
Rliey McMahon, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Frankie Meisenzahl, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Luke Mello, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Gwendolyn Milette, Trumpet - Freshman Band
Claire Nelson, French Horn - Freshman Band
Jonathan Nelson, Tuba - Concert Band
Bao Nguyen, Tuba - Concert Band
Udit Parikh, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Sean Park, Clarinet - Freshman Band
Arianna Parks, French Horn - Symphonic Band
Luka Pavich, French Horn - Symphonic Band
Austin Probst, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Vishnuvardhan Ramesh,  Alto Saxophone - Wind Ensemble*
Katie Rasco, Bass Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Minseo Roh, Oboe - Symphonic Band
Kristen Royer, Clarinet - Concert Band
Wesley Seeto, Bass Trombone - Symphonic Band
Nila Shankar, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Surya Shankar, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Karan Sharma, Euphonium - Concert Band
Arvind Subramanian, Percussion - Wind Ensemble*
Kyne Sun, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Emma Swanson, Euphonium - Freshman Band
Luke Swanson, Bass Clarinet - Concert Band
Bridgette Thomas, Trumpet - Wind Ensemble*
Olivia Thomas, Flute - Freshman Band
Natasha Tsay, Flute - Symphonic Band
Alora Uva, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Vedansh Vaidhyanathan, Percussion - Wind Ensemble
Rhea Vogga, Flute - Concert Band
Naimisha Vunnam, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Alton Walker, Tuba - Freshman Band
Ernest Wang, Alto Saxophone - Concert Band
Megan Wang, French Horn - Freshman Band
Elaine Xiao, Tenor Trombone - Freshman Band
Ryan Yoon, Tenor Trombone - Concert Band
Michael Zhao, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Catherine Zhou, Flute - Wind Ensemble*
Edward Zhuang, Alto Saxophone - Freshman Band

Liberty High School

Olivia Allphin, Horn - Symphonic Band
Aidan Burkle, Trombone - Symphonic Band
Elly Campbell, Percussion - Wind Ensemble*
Krista Caparas, English Horn - Wind Ensemble*
Irene Choi, Flute - Symphonic Band
Eujin Chung, Flute - Symphonic Band
Dhruv Dilbaghi, Horn - Wind Ensemble*
Zachary Ford, Trombone - Symphonic Band
Emily Graves, Bass Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Joshua Graves, Horn - Concert Band
Madison Gray, Horn - Concert Band
Kirthi Gummadi, Bass Clarinet - Concert Band
Caden Harris, Tuba - Freshman Band
Michelle Hong, Flute - Wind Ensemble*
Adarsh Javvaji, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble*
Julia Johnson, Trumpet - Wind Ensemble*
Jia Kanar, Horn - Symphonic Band*
Chelsea Kang, Eb Clarinet - Concert Band
Salyan Karki, Percussion - Freshman Band
Yuvi Maheshwary, Percussion - Concert Band
Amanda Meng, Flute - Concert Band
Valerie Miller, Flute - Concert Band
Sam Mills, Euphonium - Symphonic Band
Gurnoor Narula, Tenor Saxophone - Wind Ensemble*
Olivia O'Brien, Piccolo - Wind Ensemble*
Ava Peinhardt, Flute - Symphonic Band
Simon Pham, Bass Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Naveen Pillai, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Andrey Pridgen, Horn - Concert Band
Shelby Pybus, Horn - Wind Ensemble*
Kapil Rampalli, Bassoon - Concert Band
Derek Rasmussen, Trombone - Concert Band
JonMarc Ryu, Trombone - Concert Band
Campbell Scott, Baritone Saxophone - Concert Band
Iliana Solis, Flute - Freshman Band
Vik Subramanian, Bass Trombone - Symphonic Band*
Ryden Suzuki, Percussion - Concert Band
Alexandra Vasilkovsky, Tenor Saxophone - Freshman Band
Michael Violante, Horn - Concert Band
Natalie Watkins, Euphonium - Concert Band
Christopher Xiao, Trumpet - Concert Band
Connie Yang, Flute - Symphonic Band
Michael Yu, Horn - Symphonic Band
Jeamin Yun, Flute - Wind Ensemble*Yeocheol Yun, Flute - Wind Ensemble*
William Zhang, Oboe - Freshman Band

Lone Star High School

River Aquino, Bassoon - Freshman Band
Hannah Berryman, Piccolo - Concert Band
Jairah Birung, French Horn - Concert Band
Adam Brown, Cornet/Trumpet - Wind Ensemble
Leah Casteneda, Contra-Bass - Wind Ensemble*
Eric Donohoo, Cornet/Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Sebastian Ferman, Horn - Freshman Band
Fredy Fermann II, Tuba - Concert Band
Benjamin Finley, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble
Lauren Fullerton, Eb Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Kendall Gill, Cornet/Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Vinay Gupta, Cornet/Trumpet - Freshman Band
Jeremy Irving, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Judson Jones, Bassoon - Wind Ensemble*
Hannah Mah, Flute - Concert Band
James Mangusing, Oboe - Freshman Band
Landon Murr, Bassoon - Symphonic Band
Arhaan Nisar, Flute - Freshman Band
Jacob Ogbu, Tenor Trombone - Wind Ensemble
Evan Olson, Cornet/Trumpet - Freshman Band
Alijah Romero, Tenor Trombone - Concert Band
Zachary Rouse, Tuba - Freshman Band
Emma Rugg, Cornet/Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Ethan Schletewitz, Tenor Trombone - Symphonic Band
Jim Smith, Tenor Trombone - Freshman Band
Madison Taylor, Bass Clarinet - Concert Band
Raymond Tucker, Cornet/Trumpet - Wind Ensemble*
Kyra Wren, Clarinet - Concert Band

Memorial High School

Darius Cojocari, Trumpet - Concert Band
Kamel Elkadri, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble
Riddhi Gosavi, Clarinet - Concert Band
Khush Gupta, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Jonathan Hall, Trumpet - Wind Ensemble*
Pratyush Patra, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Diya Thomas, Bassoon - Concert Band
Eesha Vejella, French Horn - Concert Band
Luke Welch, Percussion - Concert Band

Reedy High School

Tayde Cabrera, Tenor Trombone - Concert Band
Joon Cho, Clarinet - Concert Band
Jim Fang, Alto Saxophone - Symphonic Band
Bryce Freeman, Trombone - Freshman Band
John Garza, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Ethan Grandfield, Trumpet - Concert Band
Austin Huizinga, Tenor Trombone - Wind Ensemble*
Ayaan Jacobs, Euphonium - Symphonic Band
Paige Klobucnik, Clarinet - Concert Band
Joshua Li, Percussion - Concert Band
Zachery Loiseau, Bass Trombone - Concert Band
Sahil Mane, Alto Saxophone - Symphonic Band
Rishi Natarajan, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Emily Nguyen, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Allen Paul, Percussion - Wind Ensemble*
Sarah Price, French Horn - Concert Band
Aditi Rai, Clarinet - Freshman Band
Priya Ramotar, Flute - Freshman Band
Max Roemer, Euphonium - Freshman Band
Calvin Sall, Clarinet - Wind ensemble*
Michael Schweinsberg, Tuba - Freshman Band
Noah Solomon, Trumpet - Wind ensemble*
Argus Vincze, French Horn - Wind ensemble*
Katharine Walker, French Horn - Symphonic Band
Brian Ye, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Jonathan Ye, Percussion - Wind Ensemble*

Wakeland High School

Shrey Addagatla, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Sonakshi Bhatia, Bassoon - Symphonic Band
Sadie Bridge, Flute - Concert Band
Niamh Buckley, Clarinet - Concert Band
Dylan Chapman, Percussion - Concert Band
Matthew Darby, Clarinet - Concert Band
Chloe Ellis, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Joao Pedro Ferreira, Flute - Concert Band
Lauren Gamble, Flute - Symphonic Band
Grant Koot, Horn - Symphonic Band
Jaxon Lane, Euphonium - Symphonic Band
Preston Lewin, Trumpet - Concert Band
Madisen Lieberman, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Andrew Long, Tuba - Symphonic Band
Dylan MacFarlane, Trumpet - Freshman Band
Quentin MacFarlane, Alto Sax - Symphonic Band
Eric Odland, Percussion - Symphonic Band
Sarah Piper, Bass Clarinet - Concert Band
Mohi Rapaka, Clarinet - Symphonic Band
Emma Raschke, Flute - Symphonic Band
Meghan Reynolds, Clarinet - Wind Ensemble
Tyler Saldana, Horn - Symphonic Band
Andrew Samson, Percussion - Concert Band
Abbey Summers, Oboe - Wind Ensemble*
Alyssa Suter, Oboe - Concert Band
Aiden Tenkhoff, Percussion - Concert Band
Kari Traylor, Horn - Concert Band
Sean Trinh, Percussion - Freshman Band
Annika Uldrich, Bassoon - Concert Band
Aniruth Vishnupriyan, Trumpet - Symphonic Band
Noah Walker, Percussion - Freshman Band
Daniel Yoo, Clarinet - Freshman Band
Mark Zarfoss, Trombone - Symphonic Band

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