Frisco Seniors Gather to Tour and Celebrate Frisco ISD

Dec 18, 2019

FISD Letters at the Senior Bus Tour.Frisco ISD and the City of Frisco have a joint, rich history built on a strong foundation of residents who understand the value of public education to the development and growth of a robust community.

To celebrate the contributions of older generations in the community, Frisco ISD gathered seniors together for a morning of learning followed by a luncheon.

While guests enjoyed coffee and a light breakfast, Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip greeted visitors and told them what they could expect during the annual bus tour.

Senior community members toured Griffin Middle School, Wakeland High School and Rogers Elementary. Not only did the seniors have the opportunity to enjoy the talented band, orchestra, and choir performances, they also had the unique opportunity to hear presentations from administrators and students.

Guests Leaving for Senior Bus Tour.While some visitors had participated in the tour or luncheon before, some attended for the first time.

“I was really impressed with what the students are doing,” said attendee Mary Walerczyk. “From the arts to the academics, Frisco ISD is doing it right. 

“These students are going to be ready to be the leaders of tomorrow and my confidence for the future generations has been restored.” 

Among the guests was Sammy Vaughn, a 1951 Frisco High School graduate who graduated in a class of 17 seniors. She was in awe, much like everyone else at every turn during the tour.

Polly Tadlock enjoyed visiting Rogers Elementary, a campus that she helped open in 1987. The campus was recently renovated with a considerable number of updates. 

The District also replaced worn and dated classroom furniture with flexible seating to accommodate active learning and various instructional styles.

Students Performing at Senior Luncheon.“I’ve seen many changes in Frisco but visiting Rogers is special,” Tadlock said. “It doesn’t even look like the same place.”

“It may be the oldest campus on the outside, but it is definitely the newest on the inside,” said Jenny McGowan, Rogers principal. 

The senior bus tour and holiday luncheon were made possible thanks to the support of Parkview in Frisco, a senior lifestyle community, which provided swag bags and lunch for the guests. Rogers students also provided handcrafted gingerbread ornaments to all of the visitors.

Dr. Waldrip expressed his thanks to all who participated in the event.

“Hopefully, you have seen the great things we are doing based on what many of you started,” Waldrip said. “This is your legacy and we are thankful that we were able to host you.”

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