District IV Leadership Development Event Contest Results

Dec 06, 2019

Memorial High School LDE Senior Chapter Conducting team.In November, Frisco ISD FFA students competed in Anna at the District IV Leadership Development Event and returned to Frisco recognized in numerous events.

Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team and individual events are used to reinforce what is taught in agricultural science classrooms.

Congratulations to all of the student teams who competed, placed and advanced to the Area contest (*):

Centennial High School
Senior Skills - 2nd place*
Senior Chapter Conducting - 3rd place
Greenhand Quiz - 4th place
Senior Creed Speaking - 4th place
Greenhand Creed Speaking Team - 5th place
Job Interview - 7th place
Radio Broadcasting - 9th place
Senior Quiz - 9th place 

Frisco High School
Job Interview - 8th place 

Reedy Students at 2019 Leadership Development Event.Heritage High School
Senior Quiz - 2nd place
Greenhand Quiz - 3rd place
Job Interview - 4th place 

Independence High School
Public Relations - 3rd place
Radio Broadcasting - 3rd place
Senior Quiz - 3rd place
Senior Creed Speaking - 5th place
Greenhand Quiz - 6th place 

Lebanon Trail High School
Public Relations - 4th place
Radio Broadcasting - 5th place
Senior Creed Speaking - 7th place 

Liberty High School
Ag Advocacy - 4th place
Greenhand Quiz - 8th place
Radio Broadcasting - 8th place 

Wakeland Senior Quiz team.Memorial High School
Public Relations - 1st place*
Senior Creed Speaking - 1st place*
Senior Chapter Conducting - 2nd place*
Greenhand Creed Speaking Team - 4th place
Radio Broadcasting - 6th place
Greenhand Quiz - 7th place
Job Interview - 9th place
Senior Quiz - 10th place 

Reedy High School
Senior Quiz - 1st place*
Senior Creed Speaking - 2nd place*
Job Interview - 6th place 

Wakeland High School
Senior Skills - 5th place
Senior Quiz - 6th place
Radio Broadcasting - 7th place
Senior Creed Speaking - 9th place

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