Talley Elementary Students Spread Joy

Dec 04, 2019

Mrs. Talley with Talley Fifth Grade Choir.Talley Elementary students delivered holiday cards and sang carols at The Cottages of Chapel Creek to spread holiday cheer to the residents and staff. One of Chapel Creek’s new residents, Barbara Talley, is the wife of the late Kenneth “Rex” Talley, for which Talley Elementary is named.

“I reached out to Principal Jamie Peden to see if the students could do something special for those in the community that do not always get to experience the holidays with young people,” said Bobby Talley, son of Barbara and Rex Talley. “Principal Peden not only offered to have the students make cards, but she offered to have the fifth-grade choir sing carols for the residents.”

Talley Elementary opened in 2018 and Principal Peden was overjoyed with the opportunity to give back to the Talley family.

“Mrs. Talley and her family have touched the hearts of the Talley campus,” Peden said. “When we heard about her new home, I knew the Talley students would want to be there to support her.”

Before singing, the students took the time to share what makes Talley Elementary so special. The students expressed their appreciation for the teachers who provide them a great education while ensuring that all students are treated equally. In unison, the students shared that they all have the 3G’s of grit, grace and a growth mindset.

Talley Students Making Cards.The students were clearly excited to share their pride in Talley Elementary and were eager to share their music as the residents snacked on cookies.

Directed by Talley music teacher Catherine Patterson, the students sang “Better Bundle Up,” “Jingle Bells,” “Here Comes the Snow,” “Frosty the Snowman” and “Sing a Song of Winter.”

Throughout the performance, students used hand movements to convey the messages of the song and were thrilled when the residents began to sing along, clap, sway and perform the hand movements with them.

Mrs. Talley sat in the front row and sang every word she knew. She also danced along with the students at every opportunity while her family stood in the back of the room beaming with pride. 

“My family appreciates Principal Peden and the staff of Talley,” Bobby Talley said. “They always go above and beyond the call of duty!”

Before leaving, the students were surprised by the Chapel Creek staff with juice and cookies.

“We are thankful that we had the opportunity to visit and perform for Mrs. Talley and all of the residents,” Peden said.

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