Bush Center Partners with Cobb Middle School Art

Nov 13, 2019

Cobb Student Painting Ornament.The Cobb Middle School art department was selected to paint ornaments for the George W. Bush Presidential Center 2019 Christmas tree.

This year's theme is Christmas at the White House 2007: Holiday in National Parks. Varsha Tyagi’s eighth grade students each painted a 360-degree national park landscape of their choice on an ornament.

Tyagi was excited to learn in September that her class had been chosen. When the paint, paintbrushes and ornaments arrived, it all became very real.

“It’s a great opportunity for the students to be part of Bush Center history,” Tyagi said. “The cross-curricular art lessons regarding American History, the impact of art on history and learning about the preservation of natural resources have been extremely valuable to the students.”

Kaylah Lee is an eighth grader at Cobb who has enjoyed referencing the inspirational pictures of the national parks.

“As we paint, we’re learning about the beautiful places that we’re painting,” Kaylah said. “It feels like you’re able to travel while painting - like you’re really there.”

Cobb Student Painting Ornaments.The room was a flurry of paint, tape, Mod Podge and blow dryers as students worked on their projects.

“This project has been fun and Ms. Tyagi is always so great about letting us have creative freedom,” said Cobb eighth grade art student Dani Goodlett. “I definitely plan to continue art in high school.”

The students and their parents have been invited to attend an event on November 20 for the official unveiling of the courtyard Christmas tree. 

Members of the community will find the themed ornaments on display through January 5 with the coordinates and park labeled on the top and the name of the student and school at the bottom. Click here to learn more.

Congratulations to these students who contributed to the tree.

Lillie Adair
Saneea Ahmad
Gabrielle Conn
Hunter Cummings
Maria Fortun
Gianna Garwacki
Dani Goodlett
Madilynn Hancock
Robert Harvey
Ryan Hepler
Grace Isabella
Reiya Itoh
Jacquilyn Jantzen
Jessica Kruse
Kaylah Lee
Amber Malorzo
Michael Ramirez
Eva Stengel
Noah Strickland
Riley Vogel
Cheyenne West
Katherine Wrigley 

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