Ninety-Two Students Invited to All-Region Orchestra

Nov 05, 2019

On October 5, students from all ten Frisco ISD high schools participated in the very competitive Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region 24 All-Region High School Orchestra Auditions.

The official process began on the first day of school with the release of several musical excerpts, but many students start preparing in May with the release of All-State.

Region 24 is known around the state as being the most competitive orchestra region in Texas.  Close to 1,000 students from Frisco, Prosper and Plano ISDs annually compete for spots. 

To be awarded a place in one of the three orchestras is a tremendous accomplishment. Much hard work, practice and dedication is needed and the work of these students is to be commended.

The District is incredibly proud of all the students who went through the process and is happy for the 92 students ultimately accepted.

Centennial High School

Andrew Park, Violin
Dennis Park, Viola
Brad Powell, Cello

Sarika Ahire, Harp
Kartike Chawla, Viola
Samuel Chen, Cello
Michelle Howang, Viola
Karis Park, Viola

Avinko Asokkumar, Cello
Trisha Bhatia, Violin
Yunia Orina, Viola
Sneha Shrinivas, Viola

Frisco High School

Shaam Anand, Violin

Heritage High School

Finnegan Powers, Bass

William Bair, Viola

Independence High School

Colin Cha, Cello
Amy Danjul, Violin
Jaewoo Kang, Violin
Erin Yoon, Violin

Simone LeFavour, Viola
Jasmine Liew, Harp
Diego Patiño, Bass
Jeffrey Qian, Viola

Darshan Desai, Bass
Pranav Kousik, Violin
Nivy Manikandan, Violin
Nikhil Turlapati, Violin

Lebanon Trail High School

Nick Liu, Cello
Marian Ma, Harp
Julia Olores, Viola
Yee Hong Pua, Cello
Jeremy Tham, Violin
Isabel Tu, Harp
Catherine Wang, Violin

Anika Doppalapudi, Violin
Christopher Hopkins, Harp
Kristen Kim, Viola
Fiona Lai, Violin
Jamie Lee, Violin
Willa Liou, Viola
Wiley Liou, Viola
Olivia Mei, Violin
Christopher Minn, Harp
Rhea Rai, Viola
Angela Tong, Violin
Allison Tseng, Cello
Elise Wang, Violin
Elain Yao, Viola
Brian Zhou, Violin

Yura Ahn, Harp
Soumya Ajjampudi, Violin
Aditya Dave, Bass
Anique Morris, Bass
Evan Peterson, Bass
Annabel Tu, Violin

Liberty High School

Carolin Attmore, Violin
Geethika Bonthala, Violin
Nandika Chirala, Violin
Jacob Choi, Viola
Julia Johnson, Violin
Jonathan Peng, Violin
Warren Shen, Violin
Jayna Yoon, Violin

Sophie Lin, Violin
Tom Punnen, Cello
Karen Ryu, Violin

Aleeza Hussain, Harp
Juliy Kim, Viola
Giselle Menezes, Harp
Emily Santoso, Harp
Helena Song, Violin
Isabel Wang, Viola

Lone Star High School

Hrishikesh Madhaven, Bass
Audrey Tan, Cello

Lucy Huo, Violin

Memorial High School

Miranda Chen, Violin
Benjamin Liu, Piano

Reedy High School

Yunbeen Bae, Cello

Ellie Hikima, Violin
Abigail Ingle, Cello
Rachel Kwak, Violin
Joanna Selvarayan, Violin

Brynn Fricke, Cello
Ocean Kafle, Viola
Joseph McPeek, Viola

Wakeland High School

Elina Fu, Violin
Steven Kwon, Violin

Srikha Chaganti, Violin
Andrew Kwon, Violin

Michael Goppert, Violin
Shawn Kim, Violin
Reese Kirkham-Dorn, Bass

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