Students Have Access to Free Online Tutorials

Oct 21, 2019

Lebanon Trail High School Student Communicates with Tutor via Zoom.Frisco ISD teachers are now offering weekly online tutorials in the evenings, saving parents time and money that they might otherwise spend on outside tutors. Each content area provides an hour in the evening on one weekday and two hours one weekend a month.

The online tutorials are facilitated by Reaching All Innovative Learners (RAIL) teachers, the District’s new student-centered online program that provides an opportunity for students to complete rigorous online courses at their own pace.

Students across the District can participate in tutorials in over 20 content areas with RAIL teachers, for free, via a video conferencing platform called Zoom.

“In Frisco ISD, learning can happen anytime, anywhere and we are providing that opportunity for our students,” said Tiffany Carey, director of innovative learning.

Students can currently participate in online tutorials for subjects, including:

  • English I

  • English II

  • English III

  • English IV

  • Algebra I

  • Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • Mathematical Model Applications

  • Algebraic Reasoning

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Biology 

  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC)

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Environmental Systems

  • Earth and Space

  • All Social Studies courses

  • P.E.

  • Health

  • Study Skills

  • Spanish I

  • Spanish II

This student-driven initiative started quietly in late September and has been growing in popularity every week. Based on student participation, the dates of availability may change in the spring semester.

Michael Voth, the Centennial RAIL teacher, offers tutorials for physics, integrated physics and chemistry and chemistry for students across the District.

“I answer questions, provide clarity and use the digital whiteboard to help students solve problems,” Voth said. “Students can pop in and ask a quick question or they can stay and get concept overviews.”

Sanai Theodore is a junior at Wakeland High School and was encouraged to participate in the online physics tutorials by her mom.

“At first I was skeptical about how effective this would actually be,” Theodore said. “Mr. Voth helped me to understand the concepts we were learning. I was able to communicate with him on his whiteboard going through the problems as he explained how to solve them. 

“He helped me understand the concepts we were learning. It’s really effective for me and good for any students who might be struggling with the curriculum.”

Students can even post questions prior to the online tutorial instruction so that the teachers are ready with examples.

Samantha Loeb is the RAIL life science teacher and holds weekly biology tutorials.

“The students who Zoom with me enjoy the smaller setting. Sometimes they need a reteach, additional strategies or content clarification,” Loeb said. “They feel comfortable asking questions in a medium they are used to.”

After tutorials each weekday, videos are uploaded in Canvas, the student learning platform, where students can reference the latest tutorial and find additional learning materials based on student-driven questions for each unit.

The RAIL teachers have worked with the curriculum department to ensure alignment between what happens in the classroom and what is covered in the online tutorials.

No matter where you are, Frisco ISD teachers are ready and willing to help.

Click here to find information about how to access tutorials with certified FISD teachers and when they are offered.

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