Choral Students Named to Region 24 All-Region Choir

Oct 18, 2019

Nearly 60 Frisco ISD choir students were selected for membership in the 2019 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region 24 All-Region Choir.

Little Elm ISD hosted the 2019 TMEA Region 24 All-Region Choir auditions where all 10 Frisco ISD high schools competed in late September. The District is part of TMEA Region 24, along with Little Elm, Plano and Prosper ISDs. 

Each year, approximately 20,000 choral students begin the audition process for the Texas All-State Choir. The TMEA All-Region Choir is the first step towards that end. 

In addition to the nearly 60 All-Region Choir members, 20 of these will continue to the next phase of the All-State auditions, Pre-Area, which will be held at Lebanon Trail High School on November 7. The students will compete for a coveted spot by singing pieces they have been rehearsing since the summer with an additional sight-reading component.

The All-Region Choir will hold a concert that is free and open to the public at 4 p.m. on Oct. 26 at Messiah Lutheran Church, 1801 W. Plano Pkwy in Plano. The Frisco ISD community is encouraged to attend and support the esteemed regional choral program.

Congratulations to these 2019 All-Region Choir members and *Pre-Area qualified students:


Ria Gujjar, 10th grade - Soprano
Isabella Huidor, 10th grade - Soprano
Irene Jacob, 10th grade - Soprano
*Cece Keating, 11th grade - Soprano
*Ashwin Krishnan, 11th grade - Bass
Prisha Mehta, 10th grade - Soprano
*Chaya Ranganatha, 10th grade - Alto 


Nitya Parasuramuni, 12th grade - Alto
Isabelle Terry, 12th grade - Alto
Carmella Whitfield, 12th grade - Alto 


*Kayla Cheney, 11th grade - Soprano
Marianna Delgadillo, 9th grade - Soprano
Julia Ellis, 12th grade - Soprano
*Madison Lang, 12th grade - Alto
Vongai Mudadi, 10th grade - Alto
*Ian Richmond, 11th grade - Tenor
*Harsha Sankaran, 12th grade - Alto 


*Joel Augustine, 12th grade - Bass
Surekha Balakrishnan, 12th grade - Alto
Becca Bjornstad, 12th grade - Alto
Chloe Cohen, 12th grade - Alto
Camryn Danford, 10th grade - Alto
Aliyanarah Fortuna, 11th grade - Soprano
Sofia Mora, 12th grade - Alto
Hasitha Putcha, 9th grade - Alto
*Tristen Sabin, 10th grade - Bass
Simran Sethi, 12th grade - Alto
Anushri Tripathi, 12th grade - Alto 

Lebanon Trail

Xochi Castellanos, 12th grade - Soprano
Claire Kimani, 11th grade - Alto
*Steven Lu, 12th grade - Bass 


Nikita Dham, 10th grade - Alto
*Kia Dunlop, 12th grade - Soprano
*Megan Guidry, 11th grade - Soprano
Shrividya Nalladdhighal, 9th grade - Soprano
Jessie Rho, 12th grade - Soprano
Jiya Suryawanshi, 9th grade - Soprano
Misganna Tegene, 10th grade - Soprano
Jane Wester, 10th grade - Soprano 

Lone Star

*Myles Dudley, 11th grade - Bass
Gianna Mangum, 10th grade - Alto
*Samuel Stephens, 12th grade - Tenor 


*Taliyah Blackburn, 12th grade - Soprano
*Maddie Gomez, 11th grade - Alto
Faith Hoggan, 12th grade - Soprano
Dani Schager, 10th grade - Soprano
Amanda Williams, 11th grade - Soprano 


*Adria Clark, 11th grade - Alto
Alyssa Green, 10th grade - Alto
Aidan Kelley, 10th grade - Alto
Emily Kirby, 9th grade - Alto
*Luke Lawson, 11th grade - Tenor
*Maddie May, 12th grade - Alto
Arden Ogilvie, 10th grade - Alto
Bailee Sutphen, 11th grade - Soprano 


Alana Babilonia, 11th grade - Alto
*Nathan Davidson, 12th grade - Bass
Chloe Ellis, 11th grade - Alto
Olivia Owens, 12th grade - Alto 

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