GPA Changes for Class of 2024 and Beyond

Sep 30, 2019

Frisco ISD is expanding course options that can factored into a student’s grade point average or GPA.

Beginning with the Class of 2024, summer school, online courses, correspondence courses, pre-approved World Language courses, pre-approved college courses and courses taken for credit recovery will all be factored into student GPA. 

GPA is based on semester grades for every high school level course that students take. Grades are assigned a number which is then used to calculate GPA. To learn more about grade point averaging and weighted versus unrated GPA, reference the academic catalog.

The increase of courses factored into the GPA aligns with the expansion of opportunities for high school students.

Online educational opportunities have expanded dramatically in the last several years and Frisco ISD is excited to provide its own online program that allows flexible scheduling and personalized learning for high school students. As part of the expansion, RAIL courses offered with Frisco ISD will now be factored into student GPA.

Click here to learn more about GPA and to access the frequently asked questions.

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