AP Exam Registration to Open September 9

Sep 04, 2019

One of the major benefits of taking an AP course in high school is the opportunity to take the AP exam in May and potentially earn college credit. In Frisco ISD, every student enrolled in an AP course is strongly encouraged to take the corresponding AP exam.  

This year, the College Board has implemented a new online system to register for AP exams. Frisco ISD’s Online School Fees (OSF) system will be used to pay for exams. Here are the steps to ensure that students have registered and paid for their AP exams:

  • All students will automatically be registered to take the AP exam through their personalized AP Dashboard. Students who do not want to take an AP exam must complete a form provided to them by the campus to indicate that they are opting out of the AP exam.  

  • All students taking a year-long course or a semester-long course in fall 2019 must pay for the AP exams in the Online School Fees (OSF) system between September 9, 2019 and November 1, 2019. The AP exam fee for each course a student is enrolled in will be shown in the OSF system. Any student wishing to take an AP exam for a course that they are not enrolled in will need to visit with a counselor to have the fee added to their account.

  • For students taking a semester-long course in spring 2020, there will be an additional registration and payment window from January 28-February 21, 2020.

Additional testing information can be found on the District AP Testing website, while additional information on FISD online payment systems can be found here.

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