Internship Opportunity Leads to Professional Growth for Students

Aug 26, 2019

After receiving and analyzing dozens of applications, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) chose six Frisco ISD students for their 2019 summer intern program.

Frisco ISD strives to provide an opportunity-rich learning environment for a diverse set of learners. Thanks to partnerships with numerous community entities, students have access to business professionals for career and educational guidance throughout the year.

Whether through the INCubatoredu program, ISM mentorships or summer internships, students across the District can graduate with a foundation in their area of interest.

Audrey Burch, Anushka Gupta, Sumaiya Hassan, Jonathan Kim, Kay Chi Pua and Arnav Rai spent six weeks over the summer interning for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Hall Park.

“It is important for NBCF to invest in kids in our own backyard, right here in Frisco,” said Michelle Romanczukiewicz, NBCF development manager. “It is about investing in young people and broadening their understanding of career opportunities, including non-profits.”

Interns Hard at Work at NBCF.“From onboarding and working alongside other employees, through owning their own work, project, and presentation, the whole company was involved from the top down – everyone played a role in developing these young professionals,” said Rebecca Buell, NBCF chief financial officer. 

The students began the summer learning about the mission of NBCF and gaining a foundational understanding of the programs they have.

“It was essential for us to give them a strong knowledge base about how NBCF impacts women,” said Ingrid Panameno, NBCF programs coordinator. “Their passion was immediately evident and it carried them through the summer.”

The students rotated through programs, development and marketing, while taking on and developing their own projects.

The students developed marketing materials, assembled hope kits and created training modules for the next round of interns and NBCF ambassadors. Their summer internship will have a lasting impact upon NBCF as it rolls out the Ambassador Training Program, developed and built by the interns this summer. 

The Ambassador Training Program is NBCF’s new program built upon the success of the summer internships. The online modules will allow high school students around the country to be ambassadors and fundraise for NBCF on their own campuses.

NBCF wanted to instill skills in the interns that were transferable, no matter the career. Students participated in weekly professional development sessions on topics on everything from networking in the community to public speaking.

The Interns Working Their Lemonade Stand.The interns were passionate even when they were off the clock and organized a lemonade stand fundraiser in support of NBCF. They generated enough income to pay for three mammograms while also spreading the word about NBCF and its mission. They then followed up the fundraising experience with a video about the do’s and don’ts of communicating with others about breast cancer.

The interns bonded over the summer and worked well together. Just because the internship has ended, does not mean their camaraderie or passion has dimmed.

“Whatever your field, whatever your passion - this program is so open and inviting. It takes in what you like to do and lets you build on that,” said Arnav Rai, a senior at Centennial High School. “It teaches you so many different life lessons and everyone at NBCF is amazing and they will do their best to help you along your journey.”

“We have had many talented Frisco ISD students who have worked with NBCF and we are continually impressed with their professional abilities,” said Janelle Hail, NBCF founder and chief executive officer. “At the end of the summer, the kids want to stay longer and we are thankful for the service they provided the organization.” 

Hail explained that a culminating presentation to parents and the executive team was a highlight of the summer internship.

“These interns now have passion for NBCF. It is all so beautiful and I cannot wait to see their impact in the community and their future,” Romanczukiewicz said. “This internship changed their perspective and we hope one day these kids will come back and work for us.” 

NBCF was founded in 1991 and is committed to helping women around the world by educating them about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. To learn more about the NBCF high school internship program and fundraising opportunities, click this link. The next application opens in March. 

If you are interested in sharing your time, talent or resource with Frisco ISD students, click here to learn more about partnership opportunities available. With the help of the community, the District can continue to prepare students for the future. 

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