Student Invention a Step In the Right Direction

Jun 11, 2019

Hunt Middle School Student Inventor with Award.Hunt Middle School student Lino Marrero was awarded the Energy Industry Innovation Award and the Inventor Communication Best Display Board Award at the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals for his invention, The Kinetic Kickz.

The Kinetic Kickz is a shoe insert that generates energy with each step. The mechanical stress generates a voltage that can then power small items like cell phones. With his prototype, 12 minutes of walking translates to a 10% charge on a phone.

Lino worked on his invention for months, had countless prototypes and while most didn’t work, he persevered. Lino taught himself to wire circuits and finally had a breakthrough. Lino kept an extensive inventor log along the process, worked on a display board, has a prototype of his invention and submitted a 4-minute video pitch.

The Invention Convention is an annual celebration of inventors and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. Out of 108,000 kids who applied, .4% were invited to attend. Lino was the only individual representing Texas at the event.

“Just being there was a huge honor, accomplishment and priceless experience,” said Lino’s mother Sharon Marrero. “He met leaders in industry and inspiring role models in innovation.”

Congratulations to Lino on a job well done. To learn more about the convention and its opportunities click here.

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