Fifth Graders Chose Day of Service Over Fun

Jun 03, 2019

Vaughn Student Plays Game with Parkview Resident

Traditionally, fifth graders in Frisco ISD mark the end of their elementary years with a visit to a local bowling alley or arcade.

This year’s fifth graders at Vaughn Elementary took a different approach.

Inspired by Frisco ISD’s Profile of a Future-Ready Learner, students came up with the idea to serve others instead of going to Main Event for their end-of-year celebration.

Vaughn Principal Susie Graham had challenged all grade levels to think about a way they could make a difference. Serving local and global communities through actions that positively impact society is included in the future-ready profile.

Students decided to spend the day giving back by sharing their appreciation with the Frisco Police and Fire Departments and engaging with senior citizens in independent living, assisted living and memory care at Parkview in Frisco. Plans to pick up trash had to be cancelled due to rain.

Students also enjoyed a visit from Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney who stressed the importance of volunteerism and community service.

“Doing things for the community isn’t that hard,” said fifth grader Jake Lawrence. “Simple things like this can really make people’s day and make them feel a lot better.”

Frisco ISD applauds fifth graders at Vaughn and all our students who made positive contributions to the community during the 2018-19 school year.

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