Insight Gets Behind-the-Scenes Look of Frisco ISD

May 17, 2019

January Insight Meeting.Residents from across Frisco ISD learned the ins and outs of the workings of the school district as part of FISD Insight this spring.

FISD Insight is a community education forum designed to provide a look into school district operations to Frisco ISD stakeholders from Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney and Plano over the course of five months.

Although students, teachers, curriculum and instruction are at the core of services that most community members know about, the Insight group had the opportunity to learn about the “hidden” services that support learning in the classroom.

The group visited campuses and non-education facilities where they learned from the teachers and staff that serve school and business operations. Topics included:

  • Curriculum and Instruction at an elementary campus

  • Fine Arts and Athletics at a high school

  • Finance, Administration and School Board at the Frisco ISD CTE Center

  • Career & Technical Education programs and technology at the CTE Center

  • Child Nutrition, Maintenance, Transportation, Security, Special Projects and Nursing at the Child Nutrition Building

FISD Insight Puzzle.“Although different, there are lots of connections between all of the groups that presented to Insight,” said Doug Zambiasi, District chief operations officer. “These behind-the-scenes groups are the puzzle pieces that have to work together so that when a student walks into school, they get to focus on learning from their amazing teachers.”

Insight members were privy to learning about how the District has operated historically and how the District is changing to meet the needs of students and staff across the District. They also learned about the partnerships the District has with numerous entities from businesses to the City of Frisco.

“The collaborations we have are second to none,” said Jon Bodie, District emergency manager.

The class of 2019 FISD Insight was recognized by the Board of Trustees at the May 13 Board meeting for their time and commitment to learning more about Frisco ISD and a lending a hand in student learning.

Think you to the following community members who graduated from the program and dedicated their time to learn about the school district:

  • Geneva Polster

  • Mahalakshmi Jaldu

  • Shawn Wills

  • Elizabeth Bowland

  • Adeeba Alzaman

  • Sue Park

  • Supriya Patil

  • Michael Rhea

  • Nicole Petronella

  • Suzie Van Sickle

  • Tonya Dangerfield

  • Crystal Hahn

  • Ted Claney

  • Sashmita Nayak

  • Allison Jernigan

  • Kavitha  Kaushik

  • Puneet Poddar

  • Candace Weber

  • Earlene Caldwell

  • JoNelle Short

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