District Celebrates Commitment to Frisco ISD

May 03, 2019

2019 Pin Picnic Lunch.Staff across Frisco ISD were recognized in pin presentations on April 29 for their continued dedication to the District.

Recipients of the five and 10-year pins were celebrated on their individual campuses with much fanfare, while teachers in receipt of a 15-year pin or higher were invited to the Service Pin Luncheon on the lawn of Lebanon Trail High School.

Board members, the Instructional Support Team and Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip joined in commemoration of the staff around the District who have dedicated their time to the children of Frisco ISD.

This year, 147 teachers earned their pin while 40 teachers were recognized for 20 years of service to the District.

Most notably, Charlie Mooneyham was honored with a 45-year pin. Mooneyham began his career as a middle school teacher and is now honored as a namesake for Mooneyham Elementary School. He has served the District as a coach, principal and various other roles over the years in Frisco ISD. Mooneyham now works as the Off-Campus PE Manager where he enjoys staying connected to students and their athletic achievements.

2019 Pin Picnic.Other notable recipients include:

35 Year Recipients

Deborah Michael
Judy Schauer

25 Year Recipients

Christine Borcher
Paige Brewer
Martha Denson
Steven Harklau
Lisa Kimbrell
Kim Schonfeld
Sherri Wakeland

Lunch was provided at Picnic for Pins thanks to a joint sponsorship by Coserv and Josten’s.

As the District grows, so does the need for dedicated teachers. If you are interested in joining the District, current job openings and details on the application process can be found here.

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