Eleven District FFA Teams Advance to State

Apr 24, 2019

FFA Chapters from across Frisco ISD competed at multiple Area V Career Development Event (CDE) contests held at Texas A&M University-Commerce, Sam Houston State University and Tarleton State University for the opportunity to advance to state level contests in their respective events.

FFA CDE contests help students develop individual responsibility, foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition and individual achievement. Students gain a comprehensive knowledge about specific career and leadership areas through FFA CDE contests.

Frisco ISD had enormous success with 11 teams selected to compete at state contests across Texas in the upcoming weeks.

TAMU-Commerce Area V CDE Results

Top 10 High Point Individuals
Bailey Lawlor, Wakeland - 1st Place Milk Quality Products
Brogan Gunia, Liberty - 3rd Place Farm Business Management
Jason Le, Memorial - 4th Place Farm Business Management
Cody Bailey, Centennial - 5th Place Milk Quality Products
Audrey Clinch, Wakeland - 7th Place Milk Quality Products
Natalia Montemayor, Liberty - 7th Place Farm Business Management
Julie DeWitt, Wakeland - 9th Place Poultry
Paige Musselman, Wakeland - 9th Place Milk Quality Products
Claire Huff, Wakeland - 10th Place Milk Quality Products
Isabelle Tye, Wakeland - 10th Place Poultry

Dairy Cattle
The Memorial High School Dairy Cattle team of Sydney Gowan, Hazel Melendez, Lauren Parker and Madison Schmidt earned 3rd place at the TAMU-C Area V contest ranking the team 2nd in District IV. The team is a state qualifier. They will compete at the State Dairy Cattle Contest on April 25 at Tarleton State University.

Farm Business Management
Two Frisco ISD Farm Business Management teams have qualified for the state contest. The Liberty team of Brogan Gunia, Natalia Montemayor and Kirin Parkikh and the Memorial team of Emma Jedmears, Macie Koeppen and Jason Le will travel to Huntsville in May to compete at the Sam Houston State University State Farm Business Management Contest.

Milk Quality Products
Two Frisco ISD Milk Quality Products teams have qualified for the state contest. The Wakeland team of Audrey Clinch, Claire, Huff, Bailey Lawlor and Paige Musselman and the Centennial team of Cody Bailey, Kaci Bailey, Garrett Hays and Mya Wilson will travel to Stephenville to compete at the Tarleton State University Milk Quality Products State CDE Contest.

Nursery Landscape
The Wakeland FFA Nursery Landscape team of Kylee Hudgens, Ryan McGinnis, and Skylar Orr earned 4th place at the TAMU-C Area V contest ranking the team 1st in District IV. The team is a state qualifier. They will compete at the State Nursery Landscape Contest in May at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville.

Vet Science
Two Frisco ISD Veterinary Science CDE teams have qualified for the state contest. The Reedy team of Abby Schiwitz, Lauren Sosa, Kayli Woodward and Megan Yang and the Liberty team of Emily Corona, Halston Searls, Savannah West and Natalie Watkins will travel to College Station in May to compete at the Texas A&M University Veterinary Science State CDE Contest.

Forage CDE Sam Houston State University Results

The Centennial Forage team of Madison Barrow, Sofia Brignola, Katy Grabfelder and Ashley Money traveled to Huntsville to compete in the Forage CDE contest held at Sam Houston State University. The team placed 10th and will be competing at the state contest in Huntsville on May 3.

Tarleton State University Area V CDE Contest Results

Top 10 High Point Individuals
Abby Bradt, Wakeland - 5th Place Horse Judging                                                       
Ale Guillen, Heritage - 6th Place Horse Judging
Lauren Blackmon, Memorial - 9th Place Range
Madison Schmidt, Memorial - 10th Place Range

The Memorial Range team of Lauren Blackmon, Rachel Harper and Madison Schmidt earned 1st place in District IV and 3rd place Area V. The team is a state qualifier. This team will compete in the state contest at Tarleton State University on April 25.

The Wakeland Horse Judging team is now ranked 1st in District IV, placed 10th in Area V. The team is a state qualifier. The State Horse Judging CDE will be held at Texas Tech University on April 27.

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