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Middle School Students Go Platinum at Junior VASE

Apr 23, 2019

Lebanon Trail High School hosted the Region 10 Junior VASE competition on April 6 where 1,353 artworks from 57 middle schools and 13 districts were presented.

Junior VASE provides middle school art students with an educational TEKS-based evaluation of their artwork while recognizing exemplary student achievement.

Students interview one on one with a certified juror and answer questions regarding their artwork, including which artists inspired them. It can be a nerve-wracking endeavor for a middle school student and they are permitted to bring a note card to help them remember key points.

This process gives students an opportunity to discuss with a juror their understanding of the art processes involved in the development of their artwork. Students gain confidence in their artistic abilities and hone their communication skills by explaining their creative process to professional jurors.  

Through Junior VASE, students are provided written and verbal constructive feedback on their artwork. Both the technical aspects of the artwork and the student’s interview are used in scoring.  

Medals were awarded to students receiving a rating of four in their division, the highest rating.  Then, these students were judged in the Platinum Event, with only 10% of these students receiving a Platinum Medal.

All Frisco ISD middle schools participated and received at least one medal. Across the District, 357 students earned a medal for scoring the highest rating of a IV, while 31 students received an additional Platinum Medal.

Congratulations to all students and teachers who participated in Junior VASE, especially those listed below who were rated with a score of IV and received a Platinum Medal, the highest honor.

Cobb Middle School, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Victoria Anne Lunn, Grade 8 - Two Sides of Me
Noa Shteiman, Grade 6 - Topper The Dog

Griffin Middle School, Teacher Jamie Snider

Sofia Kundivich, Grade 6 - Paper Quilled Letter K
Olivia Wang, Grade 7 - Photorealistic Donut Painting

Hunt Middle School, Teacher Stefanie Sanem

Manisha Mishra, Grade 7 - Tiger’s Eye in Color
Emma Suguitan, Grade 7 - Tree House in Stippling

Lawler Middle School, Teacher Heema Mistry

Claire Bian, Grade 7 - Violin And Flowers On Cloth
Caroline Lewton, Grade 8 - Mannequin Controlled By A Hand
Aneesha Muram, Grade 7 - Three Viewpoints Of A Bird In Black

Maus Middle School, Teacher Sheri Knott

Ella Puccio, Grade 7 - Scratchboard Portrait of Ellie Dog
Bhavana Sudula, Grade 7 - 1 Pt 16 Buildings

Nelson Middle School, Teacher Angela Mehta

Anika Chebrolu, Grade 7 - Sign Language Hands
Sumali Junuthula, Grade 8 - Surreal 3 Pt Perspective City
Meghana Tummala, Grade 7 - Posterized Purple Self Portrait

Pioneer Heritage Middle School, Teachers Patricia Segovia and Stephanie Lambert

Kristina Pevneva, Grade 7 - Oceanic Hair With Ink
Jahnvi Vallurupalli, Grade 7 - Oceanside Suminagashi And Drawing
Jahnvi Vallurupalli, Grade 7 - Watercolor And Ink Painting
Michelle Yang, Grade 8 - Beastie In Cross Contour

Roach Middle School, Teacher Kayla Doran

Prestin Li, Grade 8 - Shattered Eyes

Stafford Middle School, Teacher Marie Blocker

Keiana Henderson, Grade 8 - Bark Formation Landscape

Staley Middle School, Teacher Rochelle Chambers

Elizabeth Hernandez, Grade 8 - My Past, Present, And Future Totem

Trent Middle School, Teacher Madison Paulette

Ashley Galbraith, Grade 8 - The Red Princess
Raegan Gaudreau, Grade 6 - Coliseum Adventure
Kylie Jackson, Grade 6 - Cottage In The Bitterroots

Vandeventer Middle School, Teacher Leanne Rainey

Jane Hao, Grade 8 - Girl With The Flower On Her Head
Jane Hao, Grade 8 - Girl With One Blue Eye
Allyson Lastovica, Grade 8 - Petite Pink Rose
Allyson Lastovica, Grade 8 - Girl In Thought

Wester Middle School, Teacher Ransom White

Joanna Jia, Grade 6 - Think Your Thing (yellow Portrait)
Krisha Prabakaran, Grade 8 - Still Life With Homemade Shapes

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