BPA From Frisco ISD to Nationals, A Future-Ready Journey

Mar 29, 2019

Top students across Frisco ISD have been invited to represent Texas at the Business Professionals of America (BPA) National Leadership Conference May 1-5 in Anaheim, California after a superb performance at the state competition.

A record 174 Frisco ISD students joined over 3,000 other conference delegates from across the state to participate in state-level business skill competitions, general sessions and the state officer candidate campaigns and elections.

Of the 174 students competing, more than 50 Frisco ISD BPA members have qualified to go to nationals.

Through BPA, students have an opportunity to share their competency and acumen in various areas of business including finance, business administration, management information systems, digital communication and design, and management, marketing and communication.

BPA is a national co-curricular organization that helps students prepare for careers in business by offering exercises based on national standards. The organization’s activities and programs complement classroom instruction by giving students practical experience through application of the skills learned at school.

BPA is dedicated to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic and technological skills.

Congratulations to the following FISD students who have qualified for the national competition:

CTE BPA State Qualifiers. Career and Technical Education Center

Total Regional Competitors: 26
Total State Competitors: 12
Total National Competitors: 7      

National Qualifiers
Annabelle Hong, 1st Place - Interview Skills
Tanvi Kosuri, 2nd Place - ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Code 
Sanya Maini, 3rd Place - Entrepreneurship 
Jordan Ritson, 4th Place - Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing 
Carter Schubert, 5th Place - PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Connor Shaw and Arham Siddiqui, National Top 20 - Software Engineering Team (Virtual Event)

National Alternates
Ankitha Donepudi - Presentation Management
Shantanu Velnati - C++ Programming

Open Events Results
Shantanu Velnati, 2nd Place - Computer Programming Concepts
Yash Agarwal, 3rd Place - Business Meeting Management Concepts
Navya Esanakarra, 3rd Place - Financial Math & Analysis Concepts
Shantanu Velnati, 3rd Place - Digital Marketing Concepts
Tanvi Kosuri, 5th Place - Digital Communication & Design Concepts
Yash Agarwal, 7th Place - Financial Math & Analysis Concepts
Sudhansh Perkari, 9th Place - Management, Marketing & Human Resources Concepts 
Shantanu Velnati, 9th Place - Information Tech Concepts

2019 Frisco High School BPAFrisco High School

Total Regional Competitors:  14
Total State Competitors:  4

State Qualifiers
Preethika Somarapu - Digital Publishing
Avery Wilder - Business Law & Ethics
Sierra Gray - Advanced Word Processing
Jordan Duzich - Database Applications

Heritage High School

Total Regional Competitors: 155
Total State Competitors: 61
Total National Competitors: 17

Elected Texas State Vice President: Gouzia Sivarajah
Elected Texas National Officer Candidate: Aliah Mir

Heritage High School BPA.National Qualifiers
Jyothika Annareddy, Apoorva Balakavi, Rachita Merugumala and Dee Roy, 1st Place- Presentation Management Team
Maansi Chodavarapu, 2nd Place - Economic Research Project
Saidarsh Tukkadi, 2nd Place - SQL Database Fundamentals
Saketh Bhupathiraju, 3rd Place - Business Law & Ethics
Sai Govindu, 3rd Place - ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding
Ayush Patel, 3rd Place - Fundamental Word Processing Skills
Anish Madgula, 3rd Place - Computer Security
Rahul Maligi, 3rd Place - C++ Programming
Revanth Muppana, 3rd Place - Advanced Spreadsheet
Viswa Chandra, 5th Place - Fundamental Accounting
Amal Babu and Sooraj Karthik, Mobile Applications (Virtual Event)

National Alternates
Aloki Ajmera, Rohita Arjarapu, Sneha Bondalapati and Jaza Malik - Video Production Team
Suhas Aleti, Amal Babu, Saketh Bhupathiraju, Viswa Chandra, Arjun Joshi, Sharun Naicker, Anshu Palle and Vishal Sasireka - Parliamentary Procedure Team
Dhruv Bisht - Digital Publishing
Pragna Brahmmadevara - Prepared Speech
Sadhvika Challa - Economic Research Project
Satvik Gurram - Computer Security
Reshmika Kanakala, Laasya Kunam and Sravya Varigonda - Video Production Team
Kevin Lam, James Li and Karthik Tummala - Team Economic Research Project
Srikar Mangalapalli - Advanced Spreadsheet
Gouzia Sivarajah - Human Resource Management

Open Events Results
Sai Govindu, 7th Place - Management, Marketing & Human Resources Concepts

Independence High School BPA.Independence High School

Total Regional Competitors: 147
Total State Qualifiers: 35
Total National Qualifiers: 10

National Qualifiers
Prathik Malireddy, Heran Patel, Milind Renjit and Akash Tyagi, 1st Place - Website Design Team
Meghna Sahoo, 1st Place - Advanced Interview Skills
Melvin Sureshbabu, 2nd Place - Integrated Office Systems
Kaushik Avadhanula, 3rd Place - SQL Database Fundamentals
Sebastian Joseph, 3rd Place - Systems Administration Using CISCO
Shivani Gollipudi, 5th Place - ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding
Anto Antony Selvam, 5th Place - Banking & Finance

National Alternates
Mahith Bandi - Computer Modeling
Tanvi Bellam - Extemporaneous Speech
Jathin Desan, Atharva Gupta, Satvik Movva Aditya Pavuluri - Computer Animation Team
Roshni Gandhi - Advanced Office Systems & Procedures
Sreeya Pandugu - Administrative Support Research Project
Meghna Sahoo and Anjali Shashidhar - Presentation Management Team

Open Events Results
Melvin Sureshbabu, 1st place - Management, Marketing, and Human Resources Concepts
Pranitha Kolli, 5th place - Digital Marketing Concepts

Lebanon Trail High School BPA.Lebanon Trail High School

Total Regional Competitors: 61
Total State Competitors: 14
Total National Competitors: 4

National Qualifiers
Oliver Zhu, 1st Place - Computer Network Design
Pranoy Dutta, Zain Kalson, Ben Wang and Oliver Zhu, 1st Place - Network Design Team
Zain Kalson, 2nd Place - Systems Administration using CISCO

Virtual Event
Nitin Chikkodi, Atharva Chitre, Aashish Kambala and Anush Kambala, National Top 20 - Software Engineering Team

National Alternates
Adithya Arunganesh, Ishaan Grewal, Samyam Lohani - Economic Research Team

2019 Liberty High School BPA.Liberty High School

Regional Competitors: 19
Total State Competitors: 9
Total National Competitors: 3

National Qualifiers
Kapil Rampalli, 2nd Place - C++ Programming
Shunmathi Rajesh, 3rd Place - Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Nikhil Yerva, 5th Place - Computer Network Technology

National Alternates
Matt Chau, Amer Jusupovic, Aniket Matharasi and Nikhil Yerva - Network Design Team

Open Events Results
Srujan Mupparapu - 3rd in Digital Communications & Design Concepts, 2nd in Information Tech Concepts, 4th in Computer Programming Concepts, 7th in SQL Database Fundamentals
Kapil Rampalli - 2nd in Computer Programming Concepts, 4th in Digital Communications & Design, 5th in Information Tech Concepts, 10th in Texas Merit Scholar

Lone Star High School

Total State Competitors: 3
Total National Competitors: 1

National Qualifier
Justin Hardy, 4th Place - Visual Basic/C# Programming

National Alternates
Afsar Arif - Fundamentals of Web Design
Aryaan Kulkarni - C++ Programming

Memorial High School BPAMemorial High School

Regional competitors: 38
State Competitors: 15
National Competitors: 5

National Qualifiers
Daniel Dogbey, 1st Place - Systems Administration Using Cisco
Fattah Ahmed, Sophia DeLa Cruz, Ritvik Ramakrishnan and Vanalika Shanmugasundaram, 2nd Place - Network Design Team

National Alternate
Ritvik Ramakrishnan, 8th Place - SQL Database Fundamentals

Reedy High School

Total Regional Competitors: 51
Total State Competitors: 23
Total National Qualifiers: 3

Elected Texas National Officer Candidate: Ashiah Uddin

2019 Reedy High School BPA.National Qualifiers
Apoorva Kaushik, 2nd Place - Computer Modeling
Talia Elliott, 4th Place - ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding
Joshua Abraham, 4th Place - Systems Administration using CISCO

National Alternates
Rithvi Anakal, Daniyal Ghayasuddin and Vijay Karthikeyaraja - Computer Animation Team
Anish Patel - Advanced Accounting

Open Event Results
Patrick Wang, 2nd place - Digital Marketing Concepts
Fernando Ruiz, 6th Place - Digital Marketing Concepts     

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