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Theatrical Design Students to Compete at State

Mar 27, 2019

fisd_finearts_theatre-stage_cA record number of Frisco ISD students have qualified for the state UIL Theatrical Design Contest on April 25-26 at the Round Rock Performing Arts Center.

Frisco ISD students competed in Division 2 and submitted their designs in early February after heavily researching Roald Dahl and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the 2019 theatrical design directorial prompt.

Each area of competition has its own unique set of challenges related to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that exemplify the rigorous cross-disciplinary understanding required of each student.

Students who competed in the costume design challenge submitted an inspiration board, a colored illustration of three characters, a full-color rendering of an Oompa Loompa, a rendering of a character of their choice with swatches and a justification paper explaining their design choices.

Students entering the set design competition considered 11 scenes that take place in a number of situations and turned in a paper justifying their inspiration, illustrations, drafted scale ground plan of the set and photographs of a scenic model illustrating the whole scene.

The marketing challenge included an inspiration board, marketing calendar, original poster, playbill and consideration of a special event or creation of children’s guide. The students also wrote a justification paper pulling together these five items to explain how everything will work together to bring audiences in for this presentation.

For the hair/makeup challenge, students connected research and character analysis to specific hair and makeup choices in an inspiration board, three character designs and three photographs of realized designs.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the high school UIL Theatrical Design Contest this year, especially those students who qualified for state and will present their designs April 25-26.

Costume Design
Katherine Clark, Lebanon Trail

Set Design
Rejiar Barzani, Wakeland
Liam Bujnowski, Wakeland
Maya Goldberg, Lebanon Trail

Marketing Design
McKenna Davenport, Reedy
Zachary Widner, Lebanon Trail 

Hair/Makeup Design
Mikayla Chua, Lebanon Trail
Allison Duntley, Centennial
Eli Nash, Heritage
Mia Wilson, Lebanon Trail
Emma Wolters, Heritage

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