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More Than 100 HOSA Students Headed to State Competition

Mar 18, 2019

HOSA students from across Frisco ISD competed at the Area HOSA Competition in February in at Plano East High School.

HOSA is a career and technical student organization dedicated to preparing future leaders in the health and medical field. Its mission is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community.

Congratulations to these students who qualified for the state competition and will compete in San Antonio in late March.

Centennial High School
Jason Abraham, 2nd place - Medical Innovation Original
Eris Andrews, 3rd place - CERT
Jacob Argo, 1st place - MRC Partnership
Gergana Atanasova, 1st place - MRC Partnership
Krisha Atreya, 3rd place - Creative Problem Solving
Vedika Bakre, 3rd place - Physical Therapy
Ariva Bhatt, 1st place - PSA
Dev Bhatt, 1st place - MRC Partnership
Katelyn Bonvillain, 2nd place - Public Health
Pranav Chatterjee, 1st place - MRC Partnership
Ryan Chen, 1st place - Clinical Speciality
Jillian Clack, 3rd place - HOSA Bowl
Makayla Darden, 1st place - MRC Partnership
Riya Desai, 1st place - Community Awareness
Shashank Easwar, 3rd place - Community Awareness
Zaid Fazal, 1st place - PSA
Sarina Ghaderi , 3rd place - HOSA Bowl
Zaina Ghaffar, 1st place - Community Awareness
Yasaswi Gogineni, 3rd place - HOSA Bowl
Anushka Gupta, 1st place - Extemperaneous Writing
Sujit Gurrapu, 2nd place - Public Health
Sumaiya Hassan, 3rd place - Medical Innovation Original
Anisha Holla, 3rd place - Medical Innovation Original
Andre Holtzhausen, 3rd place - Creative Problem Solving
Rahmah Isa,1st place - Resea. Per. Writing & Speak
Riley Johnson, 3rd place - Creative Problem Solving
Lisa Kan, 2nd place - Public Health
Esha Kanna, 1st place - PSA
Fozul Kansul,  3rd place - Transcultural Health Care
Tanvi Kosuri, 1st place - Epidemiology
Brian Lee, 3rd place - Community Awareness
Avi Mehta, 2nd place - Medical Innovation Original
David Moon, 3rd place - Community Awareness
Riya Muppaavarapu, 1st place - PSA
Syed Naqvi, 2nd place - Medical Reading
April Nguyen, 3rd place - HOSA Bowl
Jessica Nguyen, 3rd place - Community Awareness
Joshua Ni, 2nd place - Public Health
Nashwah Qamar, 2nd place - Home Health Aide
Arnav Rai, 1st place - PSA
Ramsi Reed, 3rd place - CERT
Shreyas Saride, 2nd place - Public Health
Benjamin Stanislav, 2nd place - Public health
Sneha Shrinivas, 3rd place - Human Growth & Dev
Hamza Suhail, 3rd place - Resea. Per. Writing & Speak
Hebah Tanveer, 1st place - Community Awareness
Jasmine Tran, 3rd place - Prepared Speaking
Marjan Tukdi, 1st place - Community Awareness

Frisco High School
Namita Seelam, 2nd place - Extemporaneous Health Poster
Natalie Sharma, 3rd place - Health Career Photography

Heritage High School
Sergio Acuna, 1st place - Vet Science
Rohita Arjarapu, 2nd place - HCIE and Transcultural Healthcare
Kayla Boyak, 2nd place - CPS
Lauren Goldschmidt, 2nd place - CPS
Sanjana Lothumala, 2nd place - Clinical Specialty
Camryn Spalding, 2nd place - CPS
Akshitha Sreerangapuri, 1st place - Health Career Display
Mrudula Sunkara, 1st place - Health Career Display

Independence High School
Pavankumar Aluru, 3rd place - PSA
Anusha Dasara, 2nd place - PSA
Jasmine Dushime, 2nd place - Nutrition
Leeba Farooqi, 1st place - CPS
Amoagh Gopinath, 3rd place - PSA
Shreya Krishna, 2nd place - Forensic Science
Jasmine Liew, 2nd place - Forensic Science
Shaili Manda, 1st place - Human Growth & Dev
Saipriya Metla, 1st place - CPS
Shaily Nandyala, 2nd place - PSA
Hershitha Nallapareddy, 3rd place - Health Care Issues
Samritha Palakollu, 1st place - Creative Prob Solving
Rishi Patel, 3rd place - PSA
Aarya Patil, 2nd place - PSA
Srinidhi Ravi, 1st place - Creative Prob Solving
Saipriya Sundanagunta, 2nd place - PSA
Navya Thatigutla, 3rd place - PSA

Lebanon Trail High School
Neha Bajaj, 1st place - Medical Reading
Anika Doppalapudi, 1st place - Medical Innovation- Existing
Taha Khalilullah, 1st place - HOSA Bowl
Ibrahim Mardini, 2nd place - Pathophysiology
Samyukt Metta, 1st place - HOSA Bowl
Divya Nagireddy, 1st place - Medical Innovation- Existing
Harshitha Pelaprolu, 1st place - Medical Innovation- Existing
Kay Chi Pua, 1st place - Physical Therapy
Jia Yee Pua, 1st place - Medical Law & Ethics
Tanay Rishi, 1st place - HOSA Bowl
Prisha Singla, 1st place - Dental Science
Arvind Subramanian, 1st place - HOSA Bowl

Liberty High School
Nalini Kantheti, 2nd place - Medical Spelling
Lisa Punnen, 1st place - Pathophysiology
Tom Punnen, 2nd place - Medical Math
William Wang, 2nd place - Dental Terminology

Lone Star High School
Shruthi Khanna, 1st place - Public Health
Yogita Manikandan, 1st place -  Medical Spelling
Diya Mistry, 1st place - Public Health
Naomi Mo, 3rd place - Medical Terminology
Chrisann Rinael, 1st place - Public Health
Arshini Suresh, 1st place - Public Health

Memorial High School
Claire Hiu, 3rd place - Extemporaneous Health Poster

Reedy High School
Manas Agarwal, 2nd place - Human Growth & Dev
Heba Ajmal, 1st place - Forensic Science
Ananya Gosain, 1st place - Forensic Science

Wakeland High School
Kaitlyn Crow, 3rd place - Pathophysiology
Elizabeth Pan, 1st place - Nutrition
Kethana Uppalapatti, 1st place - Prepared Speaking

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