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Destination Imagination Students are State Bound

Mar 05, 2019

Ten Frisco ISD student teams will advance to compete in the Texas Destination Imagination State Tournament.

Destination Imagination is a parent-led educational program in which student teams solve open-ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments. The challenges require students to apply STEM skills, in addition to their talents in improvisation, theatre arts, writing, project management, communication, innovation, teamwork, community service and social entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to the following student teams advancing to the state tournament in Corpus Christi March 22-23.

The All Star Team

Event: Monster Effects - Engineering
Team Manager: Pranav Joshi

Kavya Desai, Liscano Elementary
Bharath Dharmalingam, Anderson Elementary
Shrey Jain, Curtstringer Elementary
Om Joshi, Anderson Elementary
Diya Kadakia, Mooneyham Elementary
Taarini Singhal, Talley Elementary

DI Peeps Team

Event: On Target
Team Manager: Anamika Tyagi

MohitRaj Gopalkrishnan, Borchardt Elementary
Riya Kulkarni, Borchardt Elementary
Agastya Malladi, Borchardt Elementary
Aum Pahuja, Borchardt Elementary
Mohit Raj, Borchardt Elementary
Som Tyagi, Borchardt Elementary
Dhiya Viswanathan, Borchardt Elementary

7 Wonderers of the World Team

Event: Game On - Fine Arts
Team Managers: Melanie Classe and Beth Connor

Mason Classe, Isbell Elementary
Ava Clerkin, Isbell Elementary
Morgan Connor, Isbell Elementary
Sydnee Fry, Isbell Elementary
Sarah Mills, Isbell Elementary
Molly Myers, Isbell Elementary
Shriya Satish, Isbell Elementary

The 5 Aces Team

Event: Game On - Fine Arts
Team Managers: Sandeep Shah & Namrata Shetty

Aditi Shah, Isbell Elementary
Jonathan Ryu, Isbell Elementary
Kimaya Joshi, Isbell Elementary
Srishti Shetty, Isbell Elementary

e-LEMON-ators Team

Event: Heads Up
Team Manager: Carolyn Biddulph

Madeline Biddulph, Pearson Middle
Naomi Brown, Pearson Middle
Sophie Meinershagen, Pearson Middle

Basic Team

Event: Medical Mystery - Scientific Challenge
Team Manager: Shubha Raghuvanshi

Arub Ahmad, Reedy High School
Sneha Jayachandran, Reedy High School
Anchal Raghuvanshi, Reedy High School

Roach MS Team

Event: Medical Mystery
Team Manager: Sandhya Chepur

Sarayu Arroju, Roach Middle
Meghana Chodavarapu, Maus Middle
Srivibha Kolanupaka, Roach Middle
Anshu Nandre, Roach Middle
Mugilarasi Shivakumar, Roach Middle
Neha Vivek, Roach Middle

AWESM Posse Team

Event: Escape Artists - Service Learning
Team Managers: Susan Eaton and Melanie Stewart

Lowery Asel, Smith Elementary
Jonathan Eaton, Smith Elementary
Milla Martin, Smith Elementary
Evan Stewart, Smith Elementary
Jeanne Weber, Smith Elementary

The Improv Juniors Team

Event: Heads Up - Improvisational Challenge
Team Managers: Swaroopa Allaparti and Srini Pokunur  

Sruhitha Allaparti, Sparks Elementary School
Eka Ram, Sparks Elementary School
Saanvi Saridena, Sparks Elementary School
Shiven Soni, Sparks Elementary School
Vinita Srinivas, Sparks Elementary School
Nidhi Vijayaraghavan, Sparks Elementary School

Creative Creatures Team 

Event: Monster Effects - Engineering
Team Manager: Pranav Joshi

Eujin Chung, Fowler Middle School
Shrey Joshi, Vandeventer Middle School
Aarya Patel, Fowler Middle School
Shruti Shah, Fowler Middle School
Vishnu Vasudev, Fowler Middle School
Mckinley Xie, Lawler Middle School

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