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Middle Schools Take District One Act Competition by Storm

Feb 19, 2019

Frisco ISD middle schools competed at the UIL Middle School One Act Play District and Theatrical Design Competition on Saturday, Feb. 16 at Reedy High School.

Congratulations to the cast, crew and directors who had an incredible One Act Play contest season.

1st Place - Fowler Middle School
2nd Place - Nelson Middle School
3rd Place - Scoggins Middle School

All Star Cast Acting Awards
Emily Aronson, Vandeventer
Jordan Battey, Vandeventer
Cierra Wooley, Nelson
Bryce Longfellow, Nelson
Haley Jennings, Staley
Sara Grace Dancy, Scoggins
Mateo Alvarez Zamora, Nelson
Anique Morris, Fowler

All Star Technician Awards
Eliana Simmons, Staley
Logan Garcia, Vandeventer
Sara Schmitz, Scoggins
Ben Donley, Wester
Deepti Kousik, Nelson
Mason Mizell, Fowler

Best Actor Award
Parker Blagg, Staley

Best Actress Award
Julia Raley, Fowler

Best Crew Award
Nelson Middle School

Honorable Mention Acting Awards
Bella Jimenez, Wester
Brynn Calcaterra, Staley
Sophie McGuire, Scoggins
Cole Roberts, Wester
Harley Classe, Vandeventer
Ashlyn Baker, Vandeventer
Olivia Paulk, Vandeventer
Kenna Hall, Vandeventer
Bri Willingham, Fowler
Mariana Trujillo, Fowler
Jessica Gabrillo, Scoggins

Middle School Theatrical Design

Costume Design
Olivia Showman, Maus
Aniah Vincent, Clark
Victoria Bennett, Staley
Savvannah Coulthard, Griffin
Rachel Shoulte, Clark

Hair/Makeup Design
Jessica Park, Stafford
Brianna Willingham, Fowler
Preesha Manduva, Wester
Elizabeth Allphin, Vandeventer
Eva Hampton, Clark

Marketing Design
Sophia Hernandez, Stafford
Parthiv Anandaraman, Cobb
Marissa Reddington, Hunt
Connor Eastabrooks, Hunt
Yukthasree Perneti, Vandeventer

Set Design
Brock Gay, Stafford
Brooklyn Miller, Clark
Jenna Kim, Stafford
Mary Krawson, Clark
Jillian McCannally, Wester

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