Academic Decathlon is State Bound

Feb 15, 2019

Wakeland AcDec Team Preps for Regionals.Nine Frisco ISD Academic Decathlon teams will compete at the Texas Academic Decathlon State Competition in Frisco March 8-10 at Collin College.

The AcDec teams each participated in a seven-minute interview, a one-hour essay, two speeches and the infamous Super Quiz where teams competed in a thirteen multiple-choice question relay. Students also participated in a written comprehensive exam on music, art, science, literature, mathematics, economics and social science.

The District AcDec teams competed in the medium schools division against Lewisville, Mesquite, Lovejoy and Corsicana ISDs on their journey to nearly sweeping the top ten spots in the regional competition.

Congratulations to all participants on a job well done:

Lebanon Trail – 1st place overall (1st place Super Quiz)
Wakeland – 2nd place overall (2nd place Super Quiz)
Reedy – 5th place overall
Centennial – 6th place overall
Heritage – 7th place overall (2nd place Super Quiz)
Lone Star– 8th place overall
Frisco – 9th place overall
Independence – 10th place overall
Liberty – 11th place overall
Memorial – 13th place overall

Honors Division
Hannah Lee of Wakeland, 1st Place
Tanay Rishi of Lebanon Trail, 2nd Place
Brian Peng of Lebanon Trail, 3rd Place
Labiba Uddin of Wakeland, 4th Place

Scholastic Division
Zain Kalson of Lebanon Trail, 1st Place
Srijan Mugada of Lebanon Trail, 2nd Place
Luke Mello of Lebanon Trail, 3rd Place
Shanell Bagdasaryants of Centennial, 4th Place
Joshua Antonini of Reedy, 5th Place

Varsity Division
Joseph Fadhil of Lebanon Trail, 1st Place
Nathan Denton of Wakeland, 2nd Place
Lauren Bridwell of Lone Star, 5th Place

Click here to view a full list of the Frisco ISD students who earned medals in each subject.

The highest-scoring team at state will advance to the national competition in Minneapolis April 25-27. At the state competition, students will be eligible to win scholarships based on their achievements.

Frisco ISD supports students in participation of meaningful academic competitions as a way to challenge themselves academically and to get more involved in their school. These competitions, which complement the student’s academic curriculum, motivate students to acquire higher levels of knowledge, confront issues of importance and represent their school in a positive light. To learn about other academic competitions offered in Frisco ISD, click here.

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