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FFA Students Outflank Competition at Livestock Show

Feb 14, 2019

Maddie D Best in Class.

Frisco ISD students competed at the Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo throughout the 23-day long event in the rabbit, swine and goat shows.

The Fort Worth livestock show has a rich history dating back to 1896 and is highly competitive as it draws challengers from near and far. The District is proud of all students who participated and were recognized at the event.

Breeding Rabbit Show Results
Centennial High School student Tori Severance showed her Holland Lop rabbit and received two exceptional recognitions including Best of Breed and 1st in Class Senior Buck.

Madison Barrow, Centennial - 2nd place Mini Stain Blue Solid Senior Buck
Sofia Brignola, Centennial - 1st place Jersey Wooly Variety
Maddie Dains, Heritage - 1st place Holland Lop Senior Broken Doe
Remy Gonsoulin, Heritage - 1st place Rex Senior Broken Doe
Katy Grabfelder, Centennial - 4th place Lionhead Senior Buck
Alyssa Huddleston, Centennial - Top 20 Holland Lop Senior Buck
Brandon Loredo, Centennial - 4th place Polish Senior Buck
Ashley Money, Centennial - 1st place American Fuzzy Senior Doe
Kayli Woodward, Reedy - 2nd place Dwarf Hotot Junior Buck
Ashlyn Yarmuth, Memorial - 1St place Fur Division and 6th place Holland Lop Senior Solid Doe

Tori Severance Best of Breed.Swine Show Results
Abigail Fugina of Centennial High School received recognition for her swine with two esteemed awards including 1st in Class and Reserve Breed Champion.

Mae Boedeker, Wakeland - 10th in class
Macy Bowers, Wakeland - Top 15
Amber Caffee, Heritage - Top 10
Jayden Fogarty, Heritage - 5th in class
Hayden Long, Lone Star - Top 15
Makenna Long, Lone Star - Top 15
Sadie Myers, Independence - 1st in class, 3rd overall
David Park, Lone Star - 6th  in class
Jordan Rangel, Lone Star - 6th in class
Lauren Sutherland, Liberty - Top 15
Parker Toombs, Reedy - Top 15
Carly Whitworth, Reedy - 2nd in class

Goat Show Results
Sydney Gowan, Memorial - 6th place Medium Weight Class 8
Carly Whitworth, Reedy - 10th place Light Weight Class 3

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