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Middle School One-Act Plays Positioned for District Competition

Feb 13, 2019

fisd_finearts_theatre-stage_cSeventeen schools competed in the Middle School UIL One-Act Play Contest at Heritage, Liberty and Reedy high schools on February 9.  

The UIL One-Act Play Contest is a competition where schools present an 18 to 40 minute play and are judged by a panel of three adjudicators. The contest was held on a single day and open to the public. For middle schools, there are two possible levels of competition: Zone and District.

Each company had seven minutes to set up and strike before performing in front of a panel of adjudicators.

After the awards presentation, each company received an oral critique that served as a well thought-out evaluation to help students continue to grow in their craft.

Of the seventeen middle schools that competed at Zone, six schools are advancing to District. The District competition will be held at Reedy High School on Saturday, Feb. 16.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the UIL Middle School One Act Play Zone Competition, including these schools advancing to District:

Zone 1: Fowler Middle School and Scoggins Middle School
Zone 2: Vandeventer Middle School and Nelson Middle School
Zone 3: Staley Middle School and Wester Middle School

Congratulations to these additional students who were recognized by the judges for their achievements:

Best Actor Awards
Zone 1: Will Hobbs (Hunt)
Zone 2: Michael Miller (Cobb)
Zone 3: Cameron Brown (Clark)

Best Actress Awards
Zone 1: Julia Raley (Fowler)
Zone 2: Ciera Wooley (Nelson)
Zone 3: Haley Jennings (Staley) 

Best Crew Awards
Zone 1: Pioneer Heritage Middle School
Zone 2: Trent Middle School
Zone 3: Wester Middle School

All Star Cast Acting Awards
Zone 1: Kaylehn Molitor (Scoggins), Sara Grace Dancy (Scoggins), Finley Johnson (Hunt), Madelyn Garza (Maus), Riley Opiela (Lawler), Sophia Payne (Pioneer Heritage), Mariana Trujillo (Fowler), Grant Ogilvie (Pioneer Heritage)

Zone 2: Dave Mar (Trent), Colin Rogers (Pearson), David Trejo (Cobb), Mateo Alvarez (Nelson), Zachary Martin (Stafford), Jordan Battey (Vandeventer), Brooke Hobbs (Stafford), Emily Aronson (Vandeventer)

Zone 3: Bailey Crawford (Roach), Avery Necciai (Griffin), Bella Jimenez (Wester), Parker Blagg (Staley), Aniah Vincent (Clark), Ainsley Powell (Wester), Cayden Simmons (Clark)

All Star Technician Awards
Zone 1: Samantha Quevedo (Hunt), Syrit Bansi (Pioneer Heritage), Vasudha Thittai (Fowler), Lindsay Maisberger (Scoggins), Ashley Harrison (Maus), Britton Shaw (Lawler)

Zone 2: Paige Johnson (Trent), Kennedy Eder (Vandeventer), Luke Gallimore (Pearson), Wyatt Nelson (Cobb), Deepti Kousik (Nelson), Morgan McLennan (Stafford)

Zone 3: Joe Jester (Roach), Kiera Rosenfeld (Wester), Sophie Kane (Staley), Kyla Anderson (Clark), Chelsea Jones (Griffin)

Honorable Mention Acting Awards
Zone 1: Jessica Gabrillo (Scoggins), Brian Kocurek (Scoggins), Ryan Jackson (Hunt), Jax Johnson (Fowler), Payton May (Maus), Isabella Lockwood (Maus), Sanjay Vahamreddy (Lawler), Myesa Arora (Pioneer Heritage)

Zone 2: Emma Corbell (Trent), Alexandra Gray (Pearson), Sofia Shopska (Cobb), Khushi Aggarwal (Nelson), Alicia Martin (Stafford), Blake Enloe (Vandeventer), Joshua Lewis (Pearson), Riley Deckert (Cobb)

Zone 3: Harini Saravanna (Roach), Maddie Bassett (Clark), Kwasi Bowmah (Wester), Brynn Calcaterra (Staley), Malachi Flowers (Wester), Paige Young (Roach), Dillon Sprecher (Staley), Ava Boswell (Griffin)

Alternate Schools
Zone 1: Pioneer Heritage MS
Zone 2: Cobb MS
Zone 3: Clark MS

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