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CTEC Students Awarded $21,000 in Scholarships

Feb 12, 2019

CTEC students pose as the conclusion of the ACE mentorship program.A local organization that matches mentors with students awarded five Career and Technical Education Center engineering and architecture students a total of $21,000 in scholarships.

ACE Mentoring of Dallas/Fort Worth introduces area high school juniors and seniors to career opportunities offered by architectural, construction and engineering professions through mentorship opportunities.

The organization provided approximately 50 mentors representing more than 10 architecture, engineering and construction companies in the area. Students and mentors were broken into 15 groups of 6 students and three to four mentors each.

Each week from October to January, students were introduced to a different industry/discipline and were lead through an enrichment activity. The mentors shared their knowledge and career experience, answered questions and provided general mentoring to students.

Student model from the ACE presentation.“We were tasked with designing a mid-rise building located in Manhattan. Each week we focused on a different aspect of building design ranging from designing floor plans to plumbing, duct systems and interior design,” said Caitlin Montgomery, a Liberty High School student. “For the presentation night, we were required to create a poster to pitch our creative design, construct a 3D model representation of the building and complete a video documenting the process of the entire experience.“

This year, Frisco ISD had 25 architecture and 15 engineering students participate in the mentorship program that helped deepen student understanding of the career paths available to them, while giving them experience in applying the tools and techniques used by experts in the field.

Congratulations to the architecture and engineering scholarship winners:

  • Angel Alex, Engineering

  • Tyler Lees, Engineering

  • Caitlin Montgomery, Engineering

  • Kayla Quilantang, Architecture

  • Samantha Riddell, Architecture

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