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Dance Students Glow and Grow Through Eight Counts

Feb 01, 2019

Lebanon Trail Competes at DEAL.

Dance students from across Frisco ISD participated in the Dance Educators Assessment of Learning (DEAL) on January 30 and 31. Heritage and Reedy high schools hosted the highly anticipated event that was a culmination of the technical and execution elements taught during Dance I, a class offered for first-year dance students at all high schools.

The Texas Dance Educators’ Association (TDEA), the sponsors of DEAL, critically evaluates dance practices as they relate to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) during the assessment.

“We use the DEAL evaluative elements and have embedded them into the Dance I curriculum so that the process and the product align,” said Pete Hazzard, Frisco ISD’s managing director of fine arts. “The curriculum is strategically aligned to ensure our students have a solid understanding of the TEKS and their application, as assessed by DEAL and TDEA.”

During a fast-paced span of 45 minutes, students were taught a dance, performed it and received a rating from three judges who evaluated everything from technical aspects of the performance to whether students sought clarity through relevant questions during instruction.

There was a confident but nervous energy in the room as the dancers continually improved from the first eight count to the last.

After each performance, the judges approached the dance team to provide constructive criticism. Each judge went through the critical elements they looked for and pointed out strengths and weaknesses in the team.

There were tears of joy and relief as students received feedback and anticipated their team ranking. It is easy to see why performing for an audience of three judges is potentially more nerve-wracking than a full auditorium, but the students proudly held their own.

Congratulations to all Frisco ISD dance directors and the Dance I students who performed with acute poise and athleticism. Click for photos from Day 1 and Day 2.

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