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Concert to Showcase Musician’s Talent, Message of Overcoming Adversity

Jan 30, 2019

Tony Memmel Playing Guitar.Tony Memmel, an award-winning singer-songwriter, speaker and composer will perform on the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. at the Frisco ISD Administration Building, 5515 Ohio Drive, in the boardroom.

The family-friendly performance is sure to inspire as Memmel talks about his personal journey and everyone’s ability to overcome challenges, both visible and invisible.

Memmel, an ambassador for the Lucky Fin Project, an international non-profit that raises awareness and supports those with upper limb differences, also happens to have been born with one hand.

As a child, Memmel taught himself to play guitar by fastening a guitar pick to his arm in a creative use of Gorilla tape that allowed him to pluck and strum the guitar.

Although he gets to travel the world playing music, inspiring people and living the dream, Memmel explains that he is not lucky.

“Almost all luck and dream living are yielded from hard work,” Memmel said. “It wasn’t luck that pushed me to stay up way past when the house and neighborhood were asleep with my headphones plugged into a practice amp, practicing scales and chords until my little arm bled, and my fingers were raw.”

Memmel’s embodiment of grit is certain to resonate throughout the evening as he discusses the importance of hard work, overcoming adversity, connecting with the community and building friendships.

The District promotes a Whole Child approach by changing the conversation of education from a narrow academic achievement focus to one that advocates long-term development of children to ensure all students feel healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged through various programming. Through the financial support of the Frisco ISD Council of PTAs and coordinated efforts of District in-home parent trainers, events like these are made possible.

The concert is open to parents and students 8+ and an RSVP is welcome, but not required.

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