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Frisco ISD FFA Students Shine at County Junior Livestock Show

Jan 17, 2019

Carly Whitworth Reedy High School Division Champ

The District had another terrific year at the Collin County Junior Livestock Show January 7-12, at Myers Park and Event Center in McKinney.

The weeklong show included poultry, swine, rabbit, sheep, goats, cattle shows along with horticulture and shop projects representing schools from across Collin County.

The participants showed their individual entries throughout the week and the event culminated with an auction on Saturday that rewarded the students for their dedication and hard work.

Congratulations to all of the students who took home awards.

Agriculture Mechanics:
Jon Anderson and Colin Magee, Centennial
Grand Champion Agriculture Mechanics Trailer Project - Division Champion and 1st in class

Jacob Skinnell and Ryan Shuey, Centennial
Reserve Champion Shop Vertical Smoker Project

Taylor McDonald, Centennial
Champion Division 2 Truck Bumper Project

Andrew Base, Charlie Means, Joe Christopher, Gus Asel, Connor Kiley and Zach Erlwein; Reedy Agricultural Mechanics Team One 1st in class with deer blind

Carson Hester, Mason Key, Kyle Chadwick and Dayne Schicktanz; Reedy Agricultural Mechanics Team Two 2nd in class with wood burning stove

Salvador Renteria; Heritage - Truck Accessories 3rd in class
Schyler Dilks; Liberty - Truck Accessories 6th in class

Cattle Show:
Camryn Brooks; Heritage - 2nd Charlois
Allie Crow; Heritage - 2nd Polled Hereford
Natalie McCaghren; Wakeland - 4th Polled Hereford
Natalie Stone; Wakeland - 2nd Other Registered Breeds- Sem/Angus

Goat Show:
Carly Whitworth, Reedy
Champion Lightweight Goat Division and 1st Lightweight Goat class

Bailey Colan; Independence - 3rd Medium Weight Goat Class
Brogan Gunia; Liberty - 3rd Heavyweight Goat Class
Carson Sutherland; Liberty - 8th  Lightweight Goat Class
Lauren Sutherland; Liberty - 6th Medium Weight Goat Class   
Sydney Gowan; Memorial - 2nd  Medium Weight Goat Class
Carly Whitworth; Reedy - 5th  Heavyweight Goat Class
Audrey Clinch; Wakeland - 5th Heavyweight Goat Class
Julie Dewitt; Wakeland - 3rd  Lightweight Goat Class
Haley Donovan; Wakeland - 3rd  Medium Weight Goat Class
Claire Huff; Wakeland - 4th  Medium Weight Goat Class
Kylee Hudgens; Wakeland - 3rd  Heavyweight Goat Class
Bailey Lawlor; Wakeland - 7th Heavyweight Goat Class
Aiden Maricle; Wakeland - 5th Heavyweight Goat Class
Paige Musselman; Wakeland - 4th  Heavyweight Goat Class
Skylar Orr; Wakeland - 4th Medium Weight Goat Class 

Hog Show:
Abigail Fugina; Centennial - 5th place Landrace  
Amber Caffee; Heritage - 8th place Cross
Jayden Fogarty; Heritage - 9th place Poland 
David Park; Lone Star - 9th place Cross
Parker Toombs; Reedy - 5th place Spot
Carly Whitworth; Reedy - 1st place Duroc
Ella Abbott; Wakeland - 6th place Berkshire
Macy Bowers; Wakeland - 2nd place Spot

Horticulture Show:
Audrey Clinch, Wakeland
Champion Silk Division Horticulture Project and 1st Asymmetrical Silk class

Jenna Duvall; Heritage - 4th Round Silk Material
Jayden Fogarty; Heritage - 4th Asymmetrical Silk Material
Alessandria Guillen; Heritage - 6th Asymmetrical Silk Material
Mikayla Chua; Lebanon Trail - 3rd Symmetrical Live Material
Alex Valdes; Lebanon Trail - 4th Round Silk Material
Aleena Sanchez; Lone Star - 2nd Live Corsage
Sydney Gowan; Memorial - 2nd Round Silk Material
Madison Schmidt; Memorial - 3rd Greenhouse Fruit & Vegetable Division (Green Onions)
Madison Schmidt; Memorial - 5th Greenhouse Fruit & Vegetable Division (Kale)
Julie DeWitt; Wakeland - 1st Asymmetric Live Material
Julie DeWitt; Wakeland - 3rd Asymmetric Silk Material
Bailey Lawlor; Wakeland - 4th Greenhouse Fruit & Vegetable Division

Lamb Show:
Ben Hanko; Centennial - 1st and 3rd Southdown
Faith McDonald; Centennial - 2nd Fine Wool Cross and 8th Medium Wool
Heather Vriezema; Centennial - 2nd Fine Wool Cross and 8th Medium Wool
Kaycee Captain; Heritage - 9th Medium Wool
Mandy McDonald; Independence - 5th  Medium Wool
Sadie Myers; Independence - 8th Medium Wool
Madison Schmidt; Memorial - 9th Medium Wool
Ally Ray; Wakeland - 3rd Fine Wool Cross
Natalie McCaghren; Wakeland - 5th Southdown

Rabbit Show:
Lauren Santaella, Wakeland
Reserve Champion Breeding Rabbit, Best of Breed - Netherland Dwarf and 1st Netherland Dwarf Senior Buck

Katy Grabfelder; Centennial - Best in Breed - Lionhead and 1st Lionhead Senior Buck
Madison Barrow; Centennial - Best of Breed - Mini Satin and 1st Mini Satin Senior Buck
Remy Gonsoulin; Heritage - Best of Breed - Rex and 1st Rex Senior Doe
Avery Lobaugh; Reedy - Best Opposite - Mini Lop and 1st Mini Lop Senior Doe 
Bella Curlee; Wakeland - Best Opposite - Lionhead and 1st Lionhead Senior Doe

Brandon Loredo; Centennial - 2nd Polish Senior Buck
Brian Loredo; Centennial - 4th Holland Lop Senior Buck Broken
Ashley Money; Centennial - 2nd American Fuzzy Senior Doe
Ashley Taxter; Centennial - 2nd Netherland Dwarf Senior Buck
Abbi Staley; Frisco - 2nd Holland Lop Senior Doe Broken
Maddie Dains; Heritage - 4th Holland Lop Senior Doe Broken
Aidan Barnes; Liberty - 5th Netherland Dwarf Senior Doe
Brogan Guina; Liberty - 2nd Flemish Giant Senior Buck
Kirin Parikh; Liberty - 1st Holland Lop Junior Buck Solid
Lauren Sutherland; Liberty - 3rd Flemish Giant Senior Doe
Abigail Griffis; Lone Star - 8th Holland Lop Senior Buck Solid
Christee Helus; Lone Star - 2nd Holland Lop Junior Doe Solid
Lauren Blackmon; Memorial - 2nd Netherland Dwarf Senior Doe
Ashlyn Yarmuth; Memorial - 8th Holland Lop Senior Doe Solid
Katie Krejci; Reedy - 3rd Mini Rex Senior Buck
Abby Schiwitz; Reedy - 8th Mini Rex Senior Doe
Carly Whitworth; Reedy - 4th Holland Lop Senior Doe Solid
Kayli Woodward; Reedy - 1st Dwarf Hotot Junior Buck
Julie DeWitt; Wakeland - 2nd Dutch Senior Buck
Skylar Orr; Wakeland - 6th Mini Rex Senior Doe
Isabelle Tye; Wakeland - 6th Netherland Dwarf Senior Buck

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