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Heritage Counselor Recognized by Statewide Organization

Dec 17, 2018

Denine HammondsDenine Hammonds, a counselor at Heritage High School, has been awarded the 2018 Texas Counseling Association (TCA) Distinguished Service Award.

Hammonds has been in education for 18 years and this is her third year in Frisco ISD.

Hammonds completed 6 years serving the Texas Counseling Association as a two-term Senator representing the Northern Metro Counseling Association. She has also served as President, Senator and Board Member for the Northern Metro Counseling Association.

“Denine Hammonds has made a profound difference in our students’ lives,” said Heritage Principal Mark Mimms. “She seeks to understand first; she helps them by reinforcing steps to overcome the obstacles they face and reminds them that what they think and feel is very important to the process.”

The state counseling organization includes Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), school counselors and supervisors which allows for great connections to be made across the state and collaboration at all levels.

“I have learned a great deal from colleagues across the state,” Hammonds said. “I bring back a plethora of ideas, topics and materials to share with my counseling team and have used some of the information to share with students to enhance their college readiness and social emotional development.”

“Denine’s service in local and state counseling organizations has positively influenced the way we work with our students and their families,” said Heritage Lead Counselor Valerie Harrison. “She is very compassionate about all students and serves as an advocate for programs and practices that support student success and social emotional health.”

Hammonds encourages new counselors to get involved by joining a local counseling organization to learn more about the needs within the community.

“It is important to talk to others and learn about the different ways people are approaching their population,” Hammonds said. “I always want to do more. I want to learn more about advocacy for school counselors with the legislature to share what we are seeing as immediate needs for our students.”

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