Frisco ISD Students Rise to the Healthy Eating Challenge

Dec 10, 2018

Student Chef Delivers Snacks at Miller ElementaryElementary campuses across Frisco ISD completed the annual 21-Day Healthy Snack Challenge in partnership with Medical City Children’s Hospital and Texas ProStart culinary programs.

With the help of their parents, students signed up and kept a log to track their daily snack intake.  The goal was to make and eat a healthy snack with a fruit or vegetable 21-days in a row. The idea is that it takes 21-days to make a change into a habit.

“We want elementary students to be introduced to different fruits and vegetables in a fun way, but more important, we want the students to make their snack by themselves,” said Ryan Eason, director of Medical City Healthcare community relations. “This is where learning happens.”

Students use recipes by kids and for kids to ensure that snack recipes can be made independently. The Kids Teaching KidsSM North Texas recipe book archive, which is full of kid-friendly snacks, can be found here.

“The 21-Day Challenge truly empowers our kids to be involved in their own health,” said Cyndi Arakas, healthy lifestyles chair for the FISD PTA Council. “What better way to get our children to take that step to eating healthier than by having them be active participants and encouraging them to choose and prepare their own healthy snack.”

As challenge sponsors, Kroger, Reliant and United Way Dallas have provided $500 prizes to each of the top schools. The money is intended to help the physical education teachers purchase gym equipment for their students.

Students who participate for the first time receive an apron kit, while second-year participants receive a whisk set. The goal is to ensure that these habits become part of the family’s regular routine.

Sign-ups in the District were at an all-time high with 10,176 students signed up, Norris Elementary had the greatest percentage of participants and Mooneyham had the highest total sign-ups.

Campuses who will receive the $500 prize include:

  • Allen

  • Anderson

  • Boals

  • Borchardt

  • Corbell

  • Curtsinger

  • Liscano

  • McSpedden

  • Miller

  • Mooneyham

  • Norris

  • Pink

  • Purefoy

  • Smith

  • Sparks

  • Talley

  • Taylor

Thanks to Medical City Frisco who sponsored the District by absorbing all costs to make the programming free for the District.

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