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Fine Arts Joins Football for Weeks-Long Encore During Playoffs

Dec 05, 2018

Reedy Band At Football GameWith Reedy High School in the fourth round of the playoffs, the football team is gearing up for its next game in hope that they can best their opponent, Aledo High School, and extend the season for yet another week.

At this point, the regular 10-game season has been extended by four weeks with the hope of extending to six weeks to play in the class 5A Division 2 State Championship.

With each passing week, the fine arts groups also gear up to support the team and put on their own encore performances.

The color guard, cheerleaders, dance, band and drill teams are all at the ready to do their part to ensure that fans and players reach their full potential.

There is no greater presentation of the camaraderie between fine arts and athletics organizations than during a football game.

Gavin Smith, the Reedy band director, knew in the spring when he met with the football coaches that they were in for a long football season. Since the summer, the band calendar has had dates blocked off all the way through the 5A Division State Championship on Friday, Dec. 21.

“We are not just here for our own performance,” Smith said. “We help bring the Reedy community together in spirit.”

During the first few weeks of the season in September and October, DFW athletes and fine arts students understood exactly what 28.35 inches of rainfall felt like. Games were delayed and rescheduled across DFW while the fields were in muddy ruins.

“With the playoffs, the extended season is an opportunity,” Smith said. “We have time to start new things and there is quite a bit of momentum from the student body. We are working on new cheers and building toward our future.”

While the football team plays on the field, about 200 fine arts students support them from the sidelines and stands. The respect between the fine arts groups and the football team resonates throughout the school year, including when the football team attends a marching competition to cheer on the band.

The Reedy versus Aledo playoff game will be special as the bands have encountered each other during competitions throughout the season. The band directors went to college together and the bands plan to perform together during the halftime show.

“When it comes down to it, there is a mutual respect,” said Smith. “We all work hard and have the same goals for our students.”

For a living embodiment of Reedy’s mission “One pride, many dreams,” fans should plan to stay through the end of the game. Win or lose, all Reedy students, football players, staff and fine arts performers sing the Alma Mater and sway their arms in the air with their hand signal proudly for all to see.

The Reedy vs. Aledo game will be played at Northwest ISD Stadium in Justin on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 4 p.m. Tickets to the game can be purchased here. Pre-sale tickets (before day of game) are $6 for students and senior citizens and $10 for adults. Tickets the day of the game are $12.

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