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Middle School Band Students Earn All-Region Spots

Dec 03, 2018

Frisco ISD middle school band students earned spots in the Region 24 All-Region Band.  The band students competed Nov. 3 and 5 along with students from Plano ISD, Little Elm ISD, and Prosper ISD at Nelson Middle School in Frisco. 

The students from these schools were selected:

Clark Middle School

Kathryn McCoy, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Reilly Whitlock, Flute, Concert Band

Emma Swanson, Euphonium, Concert Band

Claire Nelson, F Horn, Honors Band

Grant Thomas, Percussion, Honors Band

Jackson Askier Tuba, Honors Band

Carolyn Love, Flute, Honors Band

Sofia Beltran, Cornet/Trumpet, Symphonic Band

Matthew Thomas, F Horn, Symphonic Band

John McKey, Percussion, Symphonic Band

Michael Knepler, Tuba, Symphonic Band

Emily Herrmann, Bassoon, Symphonic Band

Kristen Royer, Bb Clarinet, Symphonic Band

Junhye Min, Flute, Symphonic Band

Shivansh Vaidhyanathan, Alto Saxophone, Wind Ensemble

Tyler Keeton, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Gwendolyn Milette, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Alton Walker, Tuba, Wind Ensemble

Olivia Thomas, Flute, Wind Ensemble

Bridgette Thomas, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Symphony

Tyla Furlow, Euphonium, Wind Symphony

Reed Davidson, Percussion, Wind Symphony

Bao Nguyen, Tuba, Wind Symphony

Carson Statzer,  Bass Clarinet, Wind Symphony

Cobb Middle School

Emma Clark, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Alton Beadle, F Horn, Honors Band

Tobias Mayer, Tuba, Honors Band

Hannah Farrar, F Horn, Symphonic Band

Vincent Tsai,  Bb Clarinet, Symphonic Band

Cooper Hill,  Baritone Saxophone, Wind Ensemble

Dylan MacFarlane,  Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Fowler Middle School

Jason Huang. Alto Saxophone, Concert Band

Corey Golcman. Baritone Saxophone, Concert Band

Dylan DeGarmo, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Sampathy Kola, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Neeraj Kulkarni, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Sandeep Kandrigi, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Dariya (DJ) Ghaffari, F Horn, Concert Band

Brandon He, Percussion, Concert Band

Mark Violante, Tenor Trombone, Concert Band

Dylan Casey, Tenor Trombone, Concert Band

Andrew Chen, Alto Saxophone, Honors Band

Tarun Aravind, Alto Saxophone, Honors Band

Jesse Shin, Cornet/Trumpet, Honors Band

Justin Chen, Cornet/Trumpet, Honors Band

Arturo Inda, Euphonium , Honors Band

Sofia Chaho.F Horn,  Honors Band

Jackson Montee F,  Horn , Honors Band

Daniel Zhou,  Percussion, Honors Band

Balakrishna Ravulapalli, Tenor Saxophone, Honors Band

Pari Deshpande,  Flute, Honors Band

Chelsia Che,  Flute, Honors Band

Vaishali Sathiyachalam, Flute, Honors Band

Eujin Chung, Flute, Honors Band

Bar Natan, Bass Clarinet, Symphonic Band

Ashley Chen, Flute, Symphonic Band

Aditya Singh, Flute, Symphonic Band

Ryan Healey, Alto Saxophone, Symphonic Band

Nishant Bhagat, Euphonium, Symphonic Band

Zoe Miller, F Horn, Symphonic Band

Maria Moyalan, F Horn, Symphonic Band

Kathryn Jordan, F Horn, Symphonic Band

Luke Cheng, Percussion, Symphonic Band

Sidney Garcia, Percussion, Symphonic Band

Shrenick Gannamani, Tenor Trombone, Symphonic Band

Diego Jurado, Tuba, Symphonic Band

Arshia Narula, Alto Saxophone, Wind Ensemble

Edward Zhuang, Alto Saxophone, Wind Ensemble

Apoorva Subramanian, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Gabriella Stiles, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Karan Sharma, Euphonium, Wind Ensemble

Joshua Graves,  F Horn, Wind Ensemble

Madison Gray, F Horn, Wind Ensemble

Stanley Chuang, Percussion, Wind Ensemble

Alexandra Vasilkovsky, Tenor Saxophone,Wind Ensemble

Varsha Gupta, Tenor Trombone, Wind Ensemble

Reid Ashworth, Tenor Trombone, Wind Ensemble

Jaiden Chow, Tenor Trombone, Wind Ensemble

Brent Foxworth, Tenor Trombone, Wind Ensemble

Adam Zhu, Tuba, Wind Ensemble

Mia Wright, Tuba, Wind Ensemble

Krisha Chawan, Bb Clarinet, Wind Ensemble

Finley Eidem, Bb Clarinet, Wind Ensemble

Ariha Kothari, Flute, Wind Ensemble

Gene Anareta, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Symphony

Sharanya Kusgur, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Symphony

John Russell, Euphonium, Wind Symphony

Nicholas (Nick) Gao, Euphonium, Wind Symphony

Megan Wang, F Horn, Wind Symphony

Ava Yokubaitis, F Horn, Wind Symphony

Jacob Roco, Percussion, Wind Symphony

Elaine Xiao, Tenor Trombone, Wind Symphony

Maria Vadan, Tenor Trombone, Wind Symphony

Katy Zhang, Bb Clarinet, Wind Symphony

Charles Lachman, Bb Clarinet, Wind Symphony

Hannah Lee, Flute, Wind Symphony

Yeocheol Yun, Flute, Wind Symphony

William Zhang, Oboe, Wind Symphony

Griffin Middle School

Daniel Sun, Tuba, Concert Band

Rachel Steele, Bass Clarinet, Concert Band

Ella Pitner, Cornet/Trumpet, Honors Band

Hayden Vedra,  Cornet/Trumpet, Honors Band

Patrick Daddino, Percussion, Honors Band

Paul Toomey II, Tenor Trombone,  Honors Band

Cabot Bass, Cornet/Trumpet, Symphonic Band

Haley Cansler, Bassoon, Symphonic Band

Emily Boggs, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Sean Trinh, Percussion, Wind Ensemble

Sadie Bridge, Flute, Wind Ensemble

Malia Nguyen, Flute, Wind Ensemble

Aidan Tenkhoff, Percussion, Wind Symphony

Madeline Rhee, Tenor Trombone, Wind Symphony

Anna Mackey, Bass Clarinet, Wind Symphony

Lawler Middle School

Omkar Magi, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Srimani Tallapaneni, Flute, Concert Band

Gauri Agrawal, Bass Clarinet, Honors Band

Vishal Thyagarajan, Bb Clarinet, Honors Band

Vignesh Anand, Euphonium, Concert Band

Yanhao Hu, Alto Saxophone, Honors Band

Rishi Srihari, Cornet/Trumpet, Symphonic Band

Veda Udtha, Flute, Wind Ensemble

Nicole Johnson,  Bb Clarinet, Wind Symphony

Maus Middle School

Noah Philip, Alto Saxophone, Concert Band

Andy Rapp, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Utkarsh Dubey, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Ethan Gopez, Percussion, Concert Band

Miles Ratner, Tenor Saxophone, Concert Band

Amber Michaelis, Bass Clarinet, Concert Band

Angelica Sacluti, Flute, Concert Band

Julia Pelayo, Bb Clarinet, Honors Band

Victoria Edwards, Flute, Honors Band

Gabriel Hentschel, Alto Saxophone, Symphonic Band

Nathan Cheng, Bb Clarinet, Symphonic Band

Adrian Alvarez, Bb Clarinet,Symphonic Band

Harshitha Mageshkumar, Bb Clarinet, Symphonic Band

Ella Elvambuena, Oboe, Symphonic Band

Oge Ozuah, Euphonium, Wind Ensemble

Jason Kim, F Horn, Wind Ensemble

Chapin Barnard, Tenor Trombone, Wind Ensemble

Gaurav Sarangi, Baritone Saxophone, Wind Symphony

Amrith Sundar Sankar,  Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Symphony

Ruby Chetty, F Horn, Wind Symphony

Brie Baldwin, Percussion, Wind Symphony

Eunah Kim, Flute, Wind Symphony

Nelson Middle School

Angelina Leng, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Marianna Delgadillo, Oboe, Concert Band

Seth Buhler,  Percussion, Concert Band

Praneel Seth, Tenor Trombone, Concert Band

Aidan Phillips, Tenor Trombone, Concert Band

Calvin Jarrett, Tenor Trombone, Symphonic Band

Durgesh Dhanesh Kumar, Bass Clarinet, Symphonic Band

Raeanne Corpuz, Flute, Symphonic Band

Easton Kilburn, F Horn, Wind Ensemble

Chole Callaway, Bb Clarinet, Wind Ensemble

Medha Gollapudi, Flute, Wind Symphony

Pearson Middle  School

Timi Oduleye, Cornet/Trumpet,  Concert Band

James Mundt, Alto Saxophone, Honors Band

Hunter Nguyen,  Bass Clarinet, Honors Band

Ojas Kaveeshwar, Bass Clarinet, Honors Band

Riya Mane, Bassoon, Honors Band

Suhani Ramesh Kumar,  Bassoon, Honors Band

Vasudha Penmatsa,  Bb Clarinet, Honors Band

Iniya Vidyashankar,  Flute, Honors Band

Aditi Rai, Bb Clarinet, Symphonic Band

Priya Ramotar, Flute, Symphonic Band

Rishi Srihari, Cornet/Trumpet, Symphonic Band

Markkus Tong,  F Horn, Wind Ensemble

Jonathan Ye,  Percussion, Wind Symphony

Pioneer Heritage Middle School

Casey Sall, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Joanna Fang,  Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Kiser Swain,  F Horn, Honors Band

Eric Roeren, Tenor Trombone, Honors Band

Ryan Hovey,  Cornet/Trumpet, Symphonic Band

Aryan Karthik, Percussion, Symphonic Band

Bryce Freeman, Tenor Trombone, Symphonic Band

Ethan Seibert Venable, Tuba, Symphonic Band

Drew Pistorius, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Max Roemer, Euphonium, Wind Ensemble

Laksh Gulati, F Horn, Wind Ensemble

Nimit Vij,  Percussion, Wind Ensemble

Lucas McIver, Tenor Trombone, Wind Ensemble

Eeshwar Parasuramuni, F Horn, Wind Symphony

Aaron Hines, Tenor Trombone, Wind Symphony

Michael  Schweinsberg, Tuba, Wind Symphony

Ryan Kim, Bb Clarinet, Wind Symphony

Roach Middle School

Brandon Andrzejewski, Cornet/Trumpet, Honors Band

Joel Canedo, Cornet/Trumpet, Honors Band

Kailasadatta Boggaram, Percussion, Honors Band

Stella Salazar, Bb Clarinet, Honors Band

Anna Adcox, Alto Saxophone, Symphonic Band

Joshua Patton, Percussion, Symphonic Band

Mikayla Leepow , Oboe, Symphonic Band

Anderson Ahn, Bb Clarinet, Wind Ensemble

Scoggins Middle School

Samuel Rainey, F Horn, Concert Band

Nic Dunn, Percussion, Concert Band

Nicholas Richa, Tenor Trombone, Concert Band

Polina Maltseva, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Amelia Friedman, Flute, Concert Band

Pranav Kalaiselvan, Alto Saxophone, Honors Band

Leonie Manafa, F Horn, Honors Band

Liam Hendrickson, Alto Saxophone, Symphonic Band

Kaela Senerpida, Flute, Wind Ensemble

Andrew Hildinger, Tenor Trombone, Wind Symphony

Stafford Middle School

Cadence Calendine, Euphonium, Concert Band

Samhita Sreepathi,  Percussion, Concert Band

Preston Applegate, Tenor Trombone, Concert Band

Emma Chiasson, Tuba, Concert Band

Cecelia Murphy , Flute, Concert Band

Rachel Comstock, Tenor Trombone, Honors Band

Emma Martin. Tenor Trombone, Honors Band

Kody Grayson, Tuba, Honors Band

Jacob Chau, Bass Clarinet, Honors Band

Aubrie Fuller, Bb Clarinet, Honors Band

James Mangusing, Oboe, Honors Band

Sibhi Rajan, F Horn, Symphonic Band

Anah Shaikh, Percussion, Symphonic Band

Jayden Sanchez, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Cameron Hazzard, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Radoslaw Rymarz, Tuba, Wind Ensemble

Arhaan Nisar, Flute, Wind Ensemble

Veronica Ambrosionek, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Symphony

Haneef Ibrahim,  Euphonium,Wind Symphony

Brandon Eley, Tenor Trombone, Wind Symphony

Landon Murr, Bassoon, Wind Symphony

River Aquino, Bassoon, Wind Symphony

Staley Middle School

Rochell Boman, Cornet/Trumpet, Wind Ensemble

Luke Welch, Percussion, Wind Symphony

Trent Middle School

Jon Deanda,  Euphonium, Concert Band

Eesha Vejella, F Horn, Concert Band

Matthew Tirona, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Krish Patel, Flute, Concert Band

Sai Ramayanam, Euphonium, Honors Band

Rishoy Chintala, Euphonium, Honors Band

Ayush Pai, Percussion, Honors Band

Logan Hunt, Tenor Trombone, Honors Band

Emelie Wu,  Bb Clarinet, Honors Band

Vinay Gupta, Cornet/Trumpet, Symphonic Band

Rhys Bulham, Tuba, Symphonic Band

Kay VanDrimmelen, F Horn, Wind Ensemble

Jim Smith, Tenor Trombone, Wind Ensemble

Hannah Berryman, Flute , Wind Ensemble

Kirsten Alleman, Oboe, Wind Ensemble

Anush Bansal, Bass Clarinet, Wind Symphony

Vandeventer Middle School

Luke Martin, Cornet/Trumpet, Concert Band

Ryan Lau, Tenor Trombone, Concert Band

Dillon Davis, Tuba, Band Concert Band

Jason Xie, Bassoon, Concert Band

Andrey Pridgen , F Horn, Honors Band

Alexander Monroe, Tuba, Symphonic Band

Jessica Warner, Bassoon, Symphonic Band

Hannah Choi, Flute, Symphonic Band

Wester Middle School

Jude Ponce, Euphonium, Concert Band

Lydia Dunn, F Horn, Concert Band

Ashley Park, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band

Iliana Solis, Flute, Concert Band

Jasmine Lu, Flute, Concert Band

Fifi Cobb, Tenor Trombone, Honors Band

Zarin Hasan, Flute, Honors Band

Armaan Bahl, Baritone Saxophone, Symphonic Band

Brady Hughes, Tenor Trombone, Symphonic Band

Halimat Omilabu, Tuba, Symphonic Band

Cooper Ellington, Euphonium, Wind Ensemble

Henny Koh, Bb Clarinet, Wind Ensemble

Noah Bentancourt, Tuba, Wind Symphony

Carson Gentry, Tuba, Wind Symphony

Joshua Jung, Oboe, Wind Symphony

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