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Frisco ISD Seeks to Recognize Non-Teaching Staff

Nov 13, 2018

standingovationFrisco ISD is proud to introduce the Standing Ovation Award. The District-wide award seeks to recognize non-teaching staff members across the District who serve the mission of knowing every student by name and need while going above and beyond the call of duty.

The District currently has 4,019 teachers and 3,369 staff supporting 60,000 students.

While the award will go to two people each month, the nomination and voting process for the inaugural winners resulted in a tie. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mike Waldrip surprised each individual on their campus to present them with a certificate and invitation to a presentation at the next School Board meeting.

“I have always been a proponent of recognizing people for their efforts,” Dr. Waldrip said. “We are growing fast and it is time we do this at a District level.”

Standing Ovation Award candidates are nominated by their peers and exhibit a positive attitude while serving as a role model for others. The nominated staff are willing to take initiative and carry out responsibilities beyond their job requirements.

Inaugural winners include:

  • Mary Hewlett of the Human Resources Department, who launched the effort to ensure that substitute teachers receive training on how to work best with students with special needs.

  • Kevin Vollweiler, the District fleet manager with the Transportation Department, ensures that the bus fleet is clean and in good working order. His active leadership seeks to promote good safety standards on the buses and in the shops.

  • Merissa Stenger of Boals Elementary School, who works hard each day to help the students with special needs succeed. She continually seeks to grow her own learning as a paraprofessional, while participating in community involvement via Twitter and works hard to creatively fund projects that increase student involvement in the school.

Congratulations to the inaugural set of Standing Ovation Award winners who exemplify servant-leadership and are shining examples of the non-teaching staff in Frisco ISD.

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