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P.E. Teachers Partner with BS&W to Create Warm-up Programs

Aug 13, 2018

PE Inservice Day2

Frisco ISD’s partnership with Baylor Scott & White provided a unique opportunity for hands-on learning last week for District physical-education teachers. It was more than just hands-on; it was a workout.

More than 200 FISD P.E. teachers spent the morning of Aug. 9 learning and participating in dynamic warm-up programs at the new Baylor Scott & White Sports Performance Center in Frisco. The teachers worked with BS&W athletic trainers to develop dynamic warm-up programs specialized for elementary, middle and high school students.

During the spring and summer, FISD partnered with Baylor Scott & White to create the warm-up programs to be used in the District. Studies show dynamic warm-ups reduce the risk of injury and boost performance by increasing range of movement and blood and oxygen flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments before more serious workouts.

Guided by the curriculum developed during the summer, FISD teachers can implement their own workout program for their students.

“Having the science-backed training is huge. It allows us to really dive into the technique,” said Kendric Smith, who teaches at Pearson Middle School and is FISD’s coordinator of secondary P.E. “We want these guys to be lifelong learners, and we can’t teach them that if they’re injured.”

The event was part of Frisco ISD’s larger partnership with Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research at The Star, which also provides free athletic pre-participation physicals, concussion support and student access to the Fusionetics performance health system.

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