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ESL Students Explore College Opportunities at Collin College

Jun 01, 2018

ESL students visit Collin CollegeEnglish as a Second Language students from Frisco High School took their first official class college trip in May.

Collin College was their destination.

For some, it may have been the first step to a better future.

The junior and senior students represented students whose native language is Spanish or Vietnamese. More than half of the almost 30 students had not been on a college campus before.

The students learned about admissions, financial aid and how college advising processes work.

Facilitator of Student and Family Services Elma Montenegro says she was very pleased at the number of students who asked questions and engaged during the presentations. Students toured all the buildings and sat in a couple of empty classrooms to get a feel of the size of the classes and the student-teacher ratio.

“The students who expressed interest will be followed up by Rachel Villanueva, Collin College representative at Frisco High School, to continue with their application process,” Montenegro said.

Though they have all been busy in high school learning to think, read and write in a language other than their first language, the students were not afraid to consider a new challenge, Montenegro said. As they toured, they spoke of the possibility of pursuing studies in engineering, nursing, business administration and respiratory therapy.  

Lunch for this field trip was provided by free coupons from Blaze Pizza through the FISD Partners in Education program. The field trip was funded as part of the Frisco Education Foundation’s Grants for Great Ideas program.

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