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Middle School Students Selected for All-Region Choir

May 09, 2018

The following students were selected through competitive audition to represent their schools and Frisco ISD in the 2018 TMEA Region 24 Middle School All-Region Choir in April. Hundreds of middle school students from Frisco, Plano, Little Elm and Prosper ISDs competed for spots in the region's 2018 Middle School All-Region honor choirs. The competition involved students performing parts of songs prepared in advance, as well as sight singing, in front of a panel of judges.

Clark Middle School

Abbie Ingalls TREBLE 2 Alto

Fowler Middle School

Victoria Lee TREBLE 1 Soprano 1

Griffin Middle School

Anna Kosnar TREBLE 2 Soprano 1

Hunt Middle School

Linnea Skold  TREBLE 1 Soprano

Maus Middle School

Lucky Soma  TREBLE 2 Alto

Nelson Middle School

Marianna Delgadillo  TREBLE 2 Alto

Pioneer Heritage Middle School

Caroline Richard TREBLE 2 Soprano 1

Roach Middle School

Finlay Gaskins TENOR BASS Bass
Alex Rouston TENOR BASS Bass
Vongai Mudadi TREBLE 2 Alto

Scoggins Middle School

Brendan Behm TENOR BASS Tenor 2
Diego Hernandez TENOR BASS Bass
Rashid Perry TENOR BASS Bass
Camryn Danford TREBLE 1 Alto

Vandeventer Middle School

Tyler Glasgow TENOR BASS Tenor 1
Samay Maini TENOR BASS Tenor 2
Karen Dong TREBLE 1 Alto
Snigdha Eleswarapu TREBLE 1 Soprano 2
Misganna Tegene TREBLE 1 Soprano 1
Jane Wester TREBLE 1 Soprano 1
Emma Chen TREBLE 2 Soprano 1
Nikita Dham TREBLE 2 Alto
Zoe Mallari TREBLE 2 Alto
Chaya Ranganatha TREBLE 2 Alto
Jiya Surywanshi TREBLE 2 Soprano 1

Wester Middle School

Caden Young TENOR BASS Tenor 2Z
Emma Gasperich TREBLE 1 Alto
Isabella Huidor TREBLE 1 Soprano 2
Prisha Srivastava TREBLE 2 Soprano 2

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