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Urban Forestry Board Donates Trees to Elementary Schools

May 03, 2018

Urban Forestry Board Visits Smith ElementarySecond graders at Smith and Curtsinger elementary schools learned a valuable lesson about the importance of trees from volunteers with Frisco’s Urban Forestry Board.

The Board works closely with the City of Frisco’s Parks Department and advises the Frisco City Council regarding the promotion, improvement and protection of the urban forest. It has also been a strong supporter of Frisco ISD over the years, donating and planting several trees at new and existing FISD schools.

Smith and Curtsinger were the proud recipients of the donated trees this school year, which were officially dedicated and planted as students looked on.

It was also an opportunity for members of the Urban Forestry Board to talk to students about the many roles trees play in protecting in planet, from combating pollution to stabilizing and enriching soil.

Smith Second Graders Pose with Urban Forestry BoardSecond graders also learned that trees help filter water and reduce energy consumption by lowering indoor temperatures. Students and volunteers also discussed the various ways trees are used as sources of food and shelter for both humans and animals.

The visits coincided with National Arbor Day, which is always celebrated on the last Friday in April. The official Texas State Arbor Day is the first Friday in November.

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