Survey Provides Feedback on High School Model

Nov 17, 2017

More than 4,100 people took a survey aimed at engaging the community on the size of Frisco ISD high schools, with 80 percent of respondents wanting to continue the small school model.

Each of the District’s ten existing high schools has a capacity of 2,100 students, which is lower than high schools in many other school districts as large as FISD. The cost for operating more 5A schools is not significantly more than the cost of operating fewer 6A schools, about three to five percent more.

Four in five people who took the survey said the small school model factored into their decision to move to Frisco ISD. Most respondents chose “the student feeling more connected to the school” and “more opportunities for extracurricular” when asked to choose the most important advantage of smaller high schools. Of the 10 percent of respondents who are not parents and not employed by the District, 69 percent were in favor of continuing the small school model.

The survey is part of a larger effort this fall to gather feedback on the high school model. A long-range planning committee made up of community members is also examining the issue, along with groups of staff members and students. Survey results and input from each group will help the Board of Trustees plan for FISD’s next high school. High schools take approximately three years to design and build. Current enrollment projections show the District’s 11th high school will be needed in 2021 or 2022.

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