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Business Applications Director Recognized for Efficiency Efforts

Apr 05, 2017

Bob Allen, director of business applications and process for Frisco ISD, was awarded the 2017 Nien-Ling Wacker Visionary Award in February at the Laserfiche Empower Conference in Long Beach, California.

Laserfiche introduced the Nien-Ling Wacker Visionary Award in 2016 to honor executives who have the foresight and vision to drive transformation throughout their organizations by leveraging Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) software.

Laserfiche called Allen “an instrumental force for process automation at the school district and across the state of Texas,” and cited his role in helping Frisco ISD foster a culture of efficiency districtwide – from invoice processing and new staff onboarding to academic servicing that can drive higher student performance.

“Bob uses a deep understanding of best practices, technology and process for positive change – whether that means enabling staff members to reclaim hours of their workday or facilitating effective collaboration across the school district,” said Linda Ding, Director of Strategic Marketing at Laserfiche. “His work and advocacy are an inspiration to the entire Laserfiche community.”

Frisco ISD’s Laserfiche system has saved the District significant administrative operating expenses, and the District is a two-time winner of awards from Laserfiche for cost-saving measures. FISD won the Laserfiche Run Smarter Award for Enterprise Transformation in 2016 and Innovation in K-12 Education in 2013.

“Many departments now handle 25 percent more activity with the same level of staffing, and we’re able to offer improved value to the students, parents and taxpayers,” Allen said. “The future plans for our Laserfiche ECM platform is limited only by our own imagination.”

Allen has presented at numerous national and local conferences, sharing Frisco ISD’s efforts to boost efficiency. 

“Our founder, Nien-Ling, was a pioneer and an inventor, and she could identify what people needed often before they could see it for themselves,” said Chris Wacker, Laserfiche CEO. “She would have admired Bob Allen’s determination and passion for using technology to transform people’s lives.”

View the full press release from Laserfiche. 

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