District Honors CoServ for their Continued Support of FISD and FEF

Apr 04, 2017

The relationship between CoServ, Frisco Independent School District and the Frisco Education Foundation continues to be one that energizes public education and greatly benefits FISD teachers and students.

At the March 20th School Board meeting, CoServ presented Frisco ISD with its annual capital credits check in the amount of $152,822.57, and in turn, FISD recognized CoServ for their continued partnership with the District. 

As a member of the electric cooperative, FISD builds ownership in CoServ through kilowatt-hour purchases. When the cooperative earns a margin, CoServ allocates the margins to its member owners. These capital credits are paid out each year as a benefit of belonging to the cooperative.

Since 2003, CoServ has allocated more than $928,600 in capital credit retirements back to the District.

In addition, during the Frisco Education Foundation Board meeting in March, CoServ presented FEF with a check for $35,000. The money will fund scholarships for FISD graduating seniors pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering and math, Grants for Great Ideas! to Frisco ISD educators and Mindbender Academy, the Foundation’s STEM camp for FISD middle school students.

CoServ also has an endowment with FEF totaling $330,000. Interest from this generous gift is awarded each August to new teachers to assist in setting up their classrooms. To date, CoServ has awarded $25,564 to assist teachers in setting up their classrooms.

“CoServ and the CoServ Charitable Foundation have been proud to partner with FISD and the Frisco Education Foundation over the years,” said Vicki Sargent, CoServ director of community relations. “Since 2005, we have returned $330,000 to FISD through the Foundation, our largest partnership from across the entire CoServ area.

“One of the reasons that this relationship is so important to us is because of the truly exemplary manner in which FEF and the FEF Board of Directors and staff have managed the funds – these folks are wonderful stewards of the funds entrusted to them. Whether the dollars are going to support students graduating from all of the FISD high schools, teachers who are dreaming of new and exciting ways to help their students learn, projects designed to impact a single classroom or an entire campus – FEF has made certain that the dollars offered from CoServ members and customers are making a significant difference across FISD. We are proud and honored to work together to make a difference in this amazing community of Frisco!”

Allison Miller, director of the Frisco Education Foundation and Partners in Education for the District, says CoServ partners with FISD and the Foundation in many ways that the community may not be aware.

“CoServ has served FISD students in many capacities, including the CoServ Charitable Foundation, the CoServ Adopt-a-School program, involvement with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy,  the CoServ POWERrace® game (a giant board game that helps students learn how to provide electricity to a city in a fun, hands-on way created in 2013 as a result of the CoServ participation in the Frisco Education Foundation's Mindbender Academy), academic initiatives such as CoServ scholarships, Youth Leadership Tour and electricity education programs concerning safety and the interaction between electricity and the environment, just to name some,” Miller said.

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