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Frisco ISD Saves Thousands of Dollars Through Energy Contest

Mar 31, 2017

Frisco ISD is proud to announce the campus winners of an energy-savings competition designed to encourage staff and students to develop smart habits when it comes to electricity.

The contest, which began in November and ran through February, saved the District more than $400,000 compared to costs the previous school year, despite having four additional campuses.

Total overall consumption was down an average of 27 percent at the elementary level, nine percent at the middle school level and 25 percent at the high school level, as schools paid closer attention to daily behavior and activities.

As an incentive for their efforts, schools were split into divisions to compete to see which campuses could save the most energy. The top four winners in each division received cash prizes, funded by savings from reduced electrical bills.

First place schools received $2,000; second place, $1,500; third place; $1,000 and fourth place, $500. The prizes were awarded to schools’ activity fund, which principals may use for various campus needs, events and programs.

“Utilities are second only to staff salaries in terms of maintenance and operations spending,” said Frisco ISD Energy Management Director George Radtke. “Prizes for the winning campuses are just a small investment to encourage a much larger pay-off. Combined, many minor changes across the District add up to big savings.”

The winners are as follows:

Elementary School Divisions

Boals – 1st Place
Borchardt – 2nd Place
Carroll – 3rd Place
Ashley – 4th Place

Fisher – 1st Place
Hosp – 2nd Place
Mooneyham – 3rd Place
Isbell – 4th Place

Riddle – 1st Place
Rogers – 2nd Place
Pink – 3rd Place
Ogle – 4th Place

Tadlock – 1st Place
Sonntag – 2nd Place
Taylor – 3rd Place
Sparks – 4th Place

Middle School Divisions

Griffin – 1st Place
Cobb – 2nd Place
Fowler – 3rd Place
Pearson – 4th Place

Stafford – 1st Place
Scoggins – 2nd Place
Roach – 3rd Place
Staley – 4th Place

High School Division

Lone Star – 1st Place
Centennial – 2nd Place
Wakeland – 3rd Place
Liberty – 4th Place

FISD schools are now competing in a second round of the competition, with similar prizes. Radtke hopes the effort will save at least a similar amount, if not much more.

Track your school’s energy consumption and standing in the contest by visiting the FISD Building Dashboard. The contest runs through May 31.

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