FISD Celebrates Learning with Elliott and Focus on Grit

Sep 23, 2015

es_elliott_gritstudentses_elliott_gritgroupThe Frisco ISD School Board welcomed Elliott Elementary Principal Stacy Mills, fourth grade teacher Alisa Matherne and fifth grade students Brian Kocurek and Ife Okororie at the Board meeting earlier this month for the District's very first Celebration of Learning.

The group was invited to share the success of the school’s focus on grit in creating a culture of continuous learning and growth for each individual student.

Staff members at Elliott have worked to show students that learning is a process that takes effort and perseverance and that it is okay to struggle. Students learn to accept challenges with confidence, grow from their mistakes and set goals for their own learning.

The students told Board members:

“Grit is like sticking to something even though things might get hard,” Okororie said. “Even if you fail, you might learn from your mistakes.”

Kocurek added: “Sometimes I kind of don’t know what to do with work, I forget things or I don’t know what to do about it but I think about grit and I use grit to help me remember these things and push forward and in the end, I feel good about myself because I didn’t have to ask someone else. It gives me a lot of self-pride and I really enjoy that about grit.”

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