Two High School Employees Receive the Standing Ovation Award

Written by Stephanie McCracken

The District is full of committed individuals that give above and beyond their role to ensure that their respective campuses are #MadeToShine and can achieve big goals. Each month, the District recognizes two winners that were nominated by their peers as outstanding non-teaching staff within FISD as Standing Ovation Award winners.

Liberty High School custodian Sally Nunez and Lebanon Trail High School Special Education clerk Laura Sharkey are two bright examples of this servant leadership with a positive spirit, and they were honored as the February winners. Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip visited both of their campuses to personally deliver the award.

Congratulations to Nunez and Sharkey for the recognition of their outstanding efforts and their hearts for District staff and students.

Sally Nunez - Liberty High School

Sally Nunez is revered by all at Liberty High School for her contagious spirit and her amazing work ethic. Nunez is committed to creating a safe environment for the Liberty staff and students, and she does every task with a huge smile on her face. 

She has no idea how admired she is at the campus, and that is because she does everything, from moving hundreds of chairs or rushing to clean up spills, knowing that it all benefits the end goal of creating great learning environments for FISD students. Liberty High School is positively impacted daily by her unconditional love and support.

Laura Sharkey - Lebanon Trail High School

Laura Sharkey began the Special Education clerk role at the beginning of this school year, and she has continually shown her commitment on a daily basis to Lebanon Trail. Student confidentiality is of the utmost importance in her role, and the dedication she shows to being a professional with integrity is unmatched. 

Sharkey has created organization systems and accountability to ensure that the team can flourish while serving their students. She is readily available to assist others and serves as a liaison between our campus and District staff. Lebanon Trail is thankful to have her as an integral part of the team.

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