Middle School Students Impress in District Contests

Written by Stephanie McCracken

Congratulations to the Frisco ISD middle school theatre departments for the impressive performances in the UIL One-Act Play and Theatrical Design Competitions held on Feb. 18, hosted at the Frisco High School campus. 

During the competition, each troupe performed and was critiqued on their One-Act Play competition pieces and their respective set design, hair and makeup design, costumes and theatrical marketing designs.

“I am so proud of the wonderful work that is going on in our middle school theatre programs,” said Cade Butler, fine arts coordinator. “All FISD theatre students are presented with amazing opportunities to grow in their craft and excel in story-telling, thanks to the dedication of their talented teachers.” 

The District is proud of the theatre program’s accomplishments and commitment to excellence. These students were honored in the One-Act Play Zone competition, prior to the competition at the District level. In addition to their success at UIL competitions, the FISD theatre arts program was recognized for their outstanding efforts by receiving the Texas Thespians Premier Communities for Theatre Education Award. 

Cheers to all of FISD theatre students on a great season and a fantastic One-Act Play District competition!

Middle School One-Act Play Contest Results

The top three school productions in the District competition were: 

1st Place: Stafford Middle School - “Wild Strawberries” 

2nd Place: Scoggins Middle School - “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”

3rd Place: Vandeventer Middle School - “The Outsiders”

All Star Cast Acting Awards

Zack Aggoun - Vandeventer Middle School

Mia Alexander - Nelson Middle School

Kristen Chi - Stafford Middle School

Penn Cross - Lawler Middle School

Leena El-Nachor - Lawler Middle School

Harper Holmes - Nelson Middle School

Jaxon Preston - Scoggins Middle School

Harper Skiles - Vandeventer Middle School

Honorable Mention Acting Awards

Atharva Bhagwata - Griffin Middle School

Hussein Hachem - Vandeventer Middle School

Lily Hayford - Stafford Middle School

Katelyn Kennedy - Scoggins Middle School

Luna Navarro - Nelson Middle School

Will Webster - Scoggins Middle School

Margaret Word - Griffin Middle School

The Ensemble - Stafford Middle School

Best Performer Awards

Dhillan Desai - Vandeventer Middle School

Leah Garcia - Stafford Middle School

All Star Technician Awards

Evann Alton - Stafford Middle School

Harper Johnson - Vandeventer Middle School

Skye Johnson - Scoggins Middle School

Simra Khan - Griffin Middle School

Olivia Lambert - Nelson Middle School

Sohan Patel - Lawler Middle School

Best Crew Award

Nelson Middle School

Middle School Theatrical Design Contest Results

Set Design

1st Place: Ren Swain - Hunt Middle School

2nd Place: Leah Fromhold - Scoggins Middle School

3rd Place: Karlee Allred - Stafford Middle School

4th Place: Jyotiraditya Manchu - Pearson Middle School

5th Place: Bianca Wachholz - Scoggins Middle School

Costume Design

1st Place: Zoe Arangio - Vandeventer Middle School

2nd Place: Manasvi Gogineni - Wester Middle School

3rd Place: Akshaya Ankireddi - Vandeventer Middle School

4th Place: Kanishka Srinivasan - Fowler Middle School

5th Place: Ava Simons - Stafford Middle School

Marketing Design

1st Place: Zoe Wilcock - Wester Middle School

2nd Place: Tavishi Kumar - Hunt Middle School

3rd Place: Ayla Behzadi - Hunt Middle School

4th Place: Hansa Adamala - Stafford Middle School

5th Place: Aashni Das - Nelson Middle School

Hair/Makeup Design

1st Place: Stella Keen - Fowler Middle School

2nd Place: Aisha Thapa - Vandeventer Middle School

3rd Place: Sarah Tang - Vandeventer Middle School

4th Place: Ava Parker - Hunt Middle School

5th Place: Nyla Siddiqui - Griffin Middle School

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