Students Shine in District-wide Broadcast Contest

Written by Korinna Kirchhoff

Photo by Brian Higgins - Liberty Students at Broadcast Competition 2023Broadcast journalism students from across the District recently competed in the 2nd Annual Frisco ISD Broadcast Competition at the Career and Technical Education Center.  

The two-day event included on-site and pre-submit contests ranging in categories such as anchor reads, broadcast news package and sports reporting. Contest submissions were judged by 15 media professionals representing organizations such as NBC 5 Dallas, WFAA, the Dallas Morning News and Southern Methodist University. Professionals were impressed with the acumen of FISD students and were able to provide valuable feedback for students’ continued growth.

In addition to the competition, students also attended guest speaker sessions with Maria Guerrero of NBC 5, Nicole Baker with CBS 11, and Digital and Social Media Manager Sean Lester with Cinemark.

“Frisco ISD student journalists have engaging, hands-on learning experiences every day in the classroom, but bringing them together for two days of competition and collaboration is a unique opportunity,” said Heritage Broadcast Adviser Candace Bagwell.

Congratulations to all of these students and their teachers for their accomplishments at the celebrated annual contest!

FISD Journalism Students at 2023 Broadcast Competition

On-Site Contests

Best in Show

  • First Place - Liberty High School

  • Second Place - Wakeland High School

  • Third Place - Independence High School

Anchor Reads

  • First Place - Sawyer Dodd (Heritage)

  • Second Place - Emily Schandlbauer (Wakeland)

  • Third Place - Laila Mitchell (Heritage)

General News Package

  • First Place - Josh Rajunov, Cole Perot (Wakeland)

  • Second Place - Layla Ajjeh (Independence) and Karina Grokhovskaya, Varun Saravanan (Liberty)

  • Third Place - Liza Romo, Priyal Talwar (Reedy)

Students Hard at Work Mid-Competition 2023

Video Package Editing

  • First Place - Hope Elliot (Centennial)

  • Second Place - Karl Badeau (Independence)

  • Third Place - Hannah Varghese (Reedy)

Online Multimedia Story

  • First Place - Sadie Johnson, Erika Pernis, Athena Tseng (Liberty)

  • Second Place - Addison Domino, Clarie Kosnar, Nicole Wisdom (Wakeland)

  • Third Place - Saisha Agarwal, Kaylehn Molitor, Raya Vatti (Independence)

Broadcast Sports News Package

  • First Place - Alison Greenberg, Cole Johnson, Ashley Yarbough (Reedy)

  • Second Place - Jascon Chavez, Cooper Eggl, Maddie Hardwick (Wakeland)

  • Third Place - Luke Martin, Alex Trevino (Liberty)

Sports Highlight Reel

  • First Place - Ryan Shapiro (Liberty)

  • Second Place - Ethan Wu (Lebanon Trail)

  • Third Place - Jackson Williamson (Heritage)

Photo by Liberty Wingspan Harley Classe - LHS Students at 2023 FISD Journalism Competition

Pre-submit Contests

General Sports Package

  • First Place - Valeria Perez Guerra (Heritage)

  • Second Place - Josh Rajunov (Wakeland)

  • Third Place - Prasanna Bendalam (Centennial)

General News Package

  • First Place - Jason Chavez, Julian Rabago, Dylan Vincent (Wakeland)

  • Second Place - Jay Gonzalez, Emily Schandlbauer, David Trejo (Wakeland)

  • Third Place - Astha Sharma, Andrew Jones, Prasanna Bendalam (Centennial)

Online News Publication

  • First Place - Liberty Wingspan

  • Second Place - Knight News

  • Third Place - Cen10sNews

Online Multimedia Story

  • First Place - Karina Grokhobskaya, Varun Saravanan (Liberty)

  • Second Place - Josh McDaniel (Wakeland)

  • Third Place - Saisha Agarwal, Suhas Konijeti, Samuel Rainey (Independence)

General Sports Feature Package

  • First Place - Josh Rajunov, Cole Perot (Wakeland) 

  • Second Place - Alison Greenberg, Skyler Sacks (Reedy)

  • Third Place - Layla Ajjeh (Independence)

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