FISD Employees Honored With Standing Ovation Award

Written by Stephanie McCracken

The District is full of committed individuals that give exemplary service to both their colleagues and students - both inside the classroom and out. Two deserving individuals received the Standing Ovation Award this month recognizing their efforts. 

The Standing Ovation Award winners were nominated by their peers and are distinguished examples of the District’s non-teaching staff. Through their positive attitude and servant leadership, they are vibrant examples of employees who take initiative and consistently exceed expectations.

Christie Elementary’s Kandice Nyland and Pioneer Heritage Middle School’s Tammy Arneson were acknowledged for their dedication by receiving the Standing Ovation award this month. Dr. Waldrip and Dr. Fouche presented the awards to the employees. Both employees were so engaged with their job roles that they showed genuine surprise and delight - a true testament to their merit. 

Jan. 2023 Tammy Arneson with Admin

Tammy Arneson - Pioneer Heritage Middle School

Tammy Arneson is the secretary at Pioneer Heritage Middle School where she has been a committed staff member for many years. Tammy is a dedicated worker, and colleagues are quick to give examples of ways she does more than what is expected. She provides a friendly face to the staff and treats everyone with the same respect and admiration as she would a family member. Arneson is also an asset to other campus secretaries who look to her for guidance and assistance. Pioneer Heritage considers themselves lucky to have her on their team!

Jan. 2023 Standing Ovation Winner Kandice NylandKandice Nyland - Christie Elementary

Kandice Nyland is a Structured Learning Class paraprofessional at Christie Elementary where she is well known for creating authentic relationships within her classroom, both with her students and her lead teacher. She is skilled in collaborating with the SLC team, and her ability to support her students in a customized way according to their need is to be commended. She is the epitome of “knowing every student by name and need,” and it is evident daily. Nyland is committed, friendly and a key team player. Christie Elementary is thankful for the impact she has on their campus!

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