Elvis Andrus Supports FISD Spanish-Speaking Newcomers

Written by Korinna Kirchhoff

Elvis Andrus with La Vision FamilyLast week, baseball legend Elvis Andrus hosted a dinner for more than 150 Frisco ISD English Language Learning students and their families. Those in attendance recently moved to the US and enrolled in the FISD community within the past year.

Andrus is a first-generation Venezuelan-American who passionately shared his journey with the families served through FISD La Visión. He spoke about the importance of education, overcoming obstacles, immigration struggles, family support and the importance of staying positive.

“I know what it’s like to struggle as a newcomer and I feel blessed that I can visit and talk with families to encourage them,” Andrus said. “I came from Venezuela and understand the cultural change that comes with such a huge transition.

“It’s great to visit and talk with families to encourage them to keep believing in themselves.”

La Visión coordinates services and supports for Spanish-speaking students and their families across Frisco ISD. La Visión’s goal is to build capacity in parents so they can support their student’s education while promoting interconnections within the families to enhance a sense of belonging. 

Elvis Andrus speaking with family at La Vision dinner

La Visión also provides information about local community resources and partnerships, adult ESL classes and other events that are offered throughout the year so students and families feel connected and supported.

For the past 12 years, FISD La Visión has been led by Elma Montenegro, coordinator of student and family services.

“From parenting classes and community resources to college campus tours, La Visión helps build bridges between parents and the community,” Montenegro said. “This dinner is an opportunity for parents to network, build relationships, and create a supportive network.

“We are thankful for the continuing support of Mr. Andrus for our recent newcomer families.”

Andrus has silently supported Spanish-speaking families in FISD for several years, donating his time and resources to support the families’ educational journey. The District is thankful for his commitment to families in the community.

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