Frisco ISD Football Players Named to All-District Teams

Congratulations to the Frisco ISD student-athletes who were named to All-District teams in football.

The District 3-5A Division II teams were announced this week and are below. The other districts with Frisco ISD teams were announced in November and are also below.

District 3-5A Division II

(*unanimous choice)

District MVP: Coco Brown, Denton

Offensive Player of the Year: RJ Bunnell, Argyle

Defensive Player of the Year: *Riley Van Poppel, Argyle

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Jayson Williams, Emerson

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: *Agape Lawrence, Emerson

Offensive Lineman of the Year: *Wes Tucker, Argyle

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Kennedy McDowell, Memorial

Utility Player of the Year: Niki Gray, Lake Dallas

Coaching Staff of the Year: Argyle


QB: Cade Bortnem, Lake Dallas

RB: Ishaqq Bills, Emerson

RB: Landon Farris, Argyle

WR: Kylen Evans, Emerson

WR: Ferron Cotton, Memorial

WR: Evan Weinberg, Lake Dallas

WR: Will Krzysiak, Argyle

TE: *Hunter McFaul, Argyle

TE: *Jake Simpson, Independence

C: *Jason Crowder, Argyle

OG: Jordan Bridge, Independence

OG: Thor Johansson, Argyle

OT: *Weston Chaney, Argyle

OT: Hunter Johnson, Lake Dallas


DT: *Aviance Johnson, Emerson

DT: Michael Madrie, Argyle

DE: *Chase Warren, Independence

DE: Collin Crockem, Emerson

DE: Godgive Ugochukwu, Lake Dallas

ILB: *Grant Mirabal, Argyle

ILB: Riley Griffin, Lake Dallas

OLB: Cade Fortner, Emerson

OLB: Matthew Goldman, Independence

CB: Jaaqwan Felton, Argyle

CB: Eli Koch, Lake Dallas

S: Colt Petty, Independence

S: Xinjin Gomez, Lake Dallas

S Dax Horany, Argyle

S: Kennedy Breedlove, Emerson

K: Ian Villarreal, Memorial

P: Matthew Goldman, Independence

P: Mitchell White, Lake Dallas


QB: D.J. Shelton, Emerson

RB: Ude Enyeribe, Independence

RB: Dylan Brauchle, Lake Dallas

RB: Brandon Tullis, Memorial

WR: Tre Johnson, Creekview

WR: Mckenzie West, Independence

WR: Matheus Machado, Emerson

WR: Keonde Henry, Lake Dallas

TE: Wyatt Huey, Memorial

C: Jordan Beasley, Independence

OG: Jacob Settle, Emerson

OG: Corbin Burley, Lake Dallas

OG: Noah Weeks, Argyle

OT: Hayden Gunter, Denton

OT: Garrett Doyle, Independence


DT: Isaiah Williams, Denton

DT: Grant Mabry, Independence

DT: Vischer Pruzinsky, Memorial

DE: Hunter Sandifer, Argyle

DE: Destine Deans, Creekview

DE: Tanner Moon, Lake Dallas

DE: Keillon Blanton, Emerson

ILB: Sean Chester, Memorial

ILB: Kolton Banks, Independence

OLB: Bud Petter, Argyle

OLB: Keith Rockwell, Independence

CB: Christian Lyons, Emerson

CB: Christian Gibson, Independence

S: Ben Pfeil, Creekview

S: Frankie Moreno, Denton

S: Elijah Knott, Independence

K: Nathan Alexander, Independence

K: Luan Le, Lake Dallas

P: Trey Batson, Argyle

P: Ryan Crady, Denton


District 6-5A Division I

(*unanimous selection)

Most Valuable Player: Jaylon Braxton, Lone Star

Offensive MVP: Dennis Moody, Reedy

Defensive MVP: Dixon Hudson, Reedy

Offensive Newcomer of The Year: Kam Pendergraph, Frisco

Defensive Newcomer of The Year: Obi Udom, Heritage

Special Teams Player of the Year: Kaleb Smith*, Reedy

Utility Player of the Year: Phoenix Grant, Sherman

Coach of the Year: Chad Cole, Reedy


QB: Caleb Deal, Reedy

QB: Brennan Myer, Wakeland

RB: Jordon Hamilton*, Frisco

RB: Trenton Ford, Lebanon Trail

RB: Davian Groce, Lone Star

RB: Cooper Snyder, Wakeland

TE: Tripp Riordan, Wakeland

TE: Bryce Gilchrist, Heritage

WR: AJ Jayroe*, Reedy

WR: Brett Eskildsen, Centennial

WR: Hayden O'Neal, Wakeland

WR: Houston Brookshire, Heritage

WR: Chris Viveros, Lone Star

OL: Rhett Jackson, Reedy

OL: Kevin Hodson, Reedy

OL: Bennett DiNota, Frisco

OL: Andrew Kirkland, Wakeland

OL: Connor Stroh*, Wakeland

OL: Max Anderson*, Reedy

OL: Erich Lofye, Lone Star

K: Jackson Runyan, Reedy


DL: Lance Carson, Frisco

DL: Landon Carson, Frisco

DL: Aidan Wilder, Reedy

DE: Robert Sippio, Lone Star

DE: Justus Henry, Reedy

DE: Malaki Turner, Frisco

ILB: Kahlil Smith*, Reedy

ILB: Barrett Kennedy, Wakeland

ILB: Blake Fann, Lone Star

ILB: Josh Eckert, Centennial

OLB: Josef Fuksa, Reedy

OLB: Ty Gleason, Wakeland

OLB: Brandon Miyazono, Frisco

OLB: Tre Yanez, Lone Star 

OLB: Kane Bowen, Sherman

S: Will Rubalcava, Reedy

S: Jordon Hamilton, Frisco

S: Akin Adigun, Lone Star

S: Dylan Doudt, Heritage 

S: Steel Littlejohn, Wakeland

CB: Kameron Franklin*, Heritage

CB: Bruce Mitchell, Lone Star

CB: Michael Price, Centennial

CB: Ismael Taylor, Frisco

CB: Devin Hardy, Reedy

P: Trevor Sutherland, Lebanon Trail


QB: Devan Calvin, Heritage

QB: Bennett Fryman, Lone Star

RB: Nick Clark, Heritage

RB: Caleb Thompson, Sherman

RB: Ethan Ashmore, Liberty

RB: Kane Bowen, Sherman

RB: Aaron Daniels, Reedy

TE: Josh Goines, Reedy

TE: Evan Stein, Lone Star

WR: Trey Herbert, Centennial

WR: Ismael Taylor, Frisco

WR: Joaquin Gibson, Lebanon Trail

WR: Timothy Madison, Lebanon Trail 

WR: Vontrelle Sanders, Sherman

WR: Ashdyn Kahouch, Wakeland

WR: Jaiden Burnett, Lone Star

OL: Kasen Debose, Sherman

OL: Josh Ryder, Centennial

OL: Xavier Olivo, Lone Star

OL: Tyler Katzler, Wakeland

OL: Jett Hanlin, Reedy

OL: Baylor Bridge, Wakeland

OL: Ben Plunk, Centennial

OL: Cooper Stewart, Lone Star

OL: Drake Holmes, Sherman

OL: Jordan Taylor, Heritage

OL: Stephen Wilson, Frisco

OL: Xavier Parker, Lone Star

OL: Colton Lewis, Wakeland

OL: Noah Akinsola, Reedy

OL: Darrian Minor, Sherman

OL: Thatcher Walton, Lebanon Trail

K: Jacob Culpepper, Heritage

K: Jonathan Tripode, Wakeland

K: Chase Lanham, Lone Star


DL: Dom Nolan, Heritage

DL: Austin Rodriguez, Lone Star

DL: Kyle Schmid, Centennial

DL: Luca Akirtava, Reedy

DL: Triston Simmons, Wakeland

DE: LT Sims, Sherman

DE: Jalon Griffin, Frisco

DE: Rory Sexton, Wakeland

DE: Xavier Cottrell, Centennial

DE: Luke Miller, Lone Star

DE: Gabriel Robinson, Lebanon Trail

DE: Ryder Pratt, Liberty

ILB: Massimo Russolillo, Lone Star

ILB: Diego Gonzalez, Heritage

ILB: Thomas Jelinek, Wakeland

ILB: Andrew Sanchez, Reedy

OLB: Isaiah Barajas, Heritage

OLB: Josh Perez, Frisco

OLB: Cole Powell, Reedy

OLB: Brett Ginn, Wakeland

OLB: Clayton Boren, Lone Star

S: D'Andrew Stephens, Heritage

S: Parker Brosam, Centennial

S: Jamaal Pumphrey, Lebanon Trail

S: Luke Hudson, Lone Star

S: Connor Clark, Sherman

S: Campbell Martin, Wakeland

S: Jonah Choate, Frisco

CB: Aries Jones, Sherman

CB: Jose Castillo, Centennial

CB: Jaylin Archibale, Frisco

CB: Seth Johnson, Reedy

CB: Donovan Woolen, Wakeland

CB: Cordial Vann, Heritage

P: Mason Stallons, Frisco

P: Chase Lanham, Lone Star

District 7-4A Division I

(Only Panther Creek selections)

Co-Utility Player of the Year: Sentel Simpson, Panther Creek


Tight End: Miles Meldrum, Panther Creek

Safety: Charles Bell, Panther Creek

Safety: Seth Jackson, Panther Creek

Offensive Tackle: Seth Bahsoon, Panther Creek

Center: Braedon Atha, Panther Creek

Cornerback: Donovan Webb, Panther Creek


Quarterback: Michael Adams, Panther Creek

Offensive Guard: Jake Wagner, Panther Creek

Running Back: Gary Simms, Panther Creek

Wide Receiver: Cristian Trickett, Panther Creek

Linebacker: Canyen Wong, Panther Creek


Craig Baker

Beckham Catmull

Kam Bailey

William Bell

Jaylen Graham

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